About Camp Mantio-wish YMCA

If you enjoy healthy living, have a willingness to work closely with others, are open to new experiences, work hard at sharing yourself and your talent, and have a desire to positively impact the lives of youth, join us! You'll gain personal confidence, a lifelong sense of purpose and belonging in a community like no other, and skills that can transfer into any career field. Since 1919, Camp Manito-wish YMCA has enriched the lives and leadership skills of countless participants- and that includes our staff. A large percentage of seasonal employees return each year, with the average tenure at Camp being an impressive 4 years. An overwhelming number of staff alumni credit the renown leadership training they gained here for successes in their careers and communities. Most importantly, you'll be providing an incredibly enriching Manito-wish experience for the participants in your care.

  • Director of Marketing & Recruitment

    Camp Mantio-wish YMCA
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    • Posted 3 months ago
    • Apr 2, 2023