About Quivira Coalition

The Quivira Coalition builds soil, biodiversity, and resilience on western working landscapes. We foster ecological, economic, and social health through education, innovation, and collaboration.

Our Land and Water program helps ranchers develop plans and management strategies for restoring and building resilience on slope wetlands, grasslands, and other working landscapes.
Our New Agrarian program helps to ensure that living and working knowledge of these practices, and the landscape itself, is stewarded into the future.
Our Education program, including our annual conference and open source publications, creates a space for our coalition to share ideas and resources, and for the general public to learn about the critical role working lands play in the health of our food systems, communities, and our planet.
We believe well managed working rangelands and forests are two of the most effective, efficient, and immediately viable paths to remedy the effects of climate change.

  • New Agrarian Program Apprenticeship Opportunities

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    • Posted 2 months ago
    • Dec 15, 2022