About Shining Mountain Waldorf School Outdoor Program

Middle School Outdoor Goals:
Guide students towards an increased awareness of the environment and a deeper understanding of ecological principles.
Provide experiences in the natural environment that help awaken a sense for beauty, truth and moral responsibility for all life.
Teach students skills that will help them travel consciously, confidently and safely in the natural environment.

Middle School Outdoor Objectives:
Provide outdoor experiences with the highest standards of safety and risk management.
Develop a comprehensive and integrated middle school outdoor curriculum, emphasizing sensory awareness exercises and outdoor skills.
Create class trip options for each grade that integrate age-appropriate outdoor education with curriculum studies.
Teach minimum impact techniques for wilderness camping and backcountry travel.
Provide or identify elective or extra-curricular options for students who are interested in pursuing further outdoor skill development.

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    Shining Mountain Waldorf School Outdoor Program
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    • Sep 13, 2021