In July, we posted our first job announcement the NOLS Job Board, and we are about to publish our first guidebooks from NOLS alumnae. Now, we are searching for our next cohort of authors.

Adventure Nerds is looking for writers, photographers, and outdoor adventurers to create guidebooks about your favorite overnight adventures. Specifically, we are looking for proposals for multi-day winter adventures.

We started Adventure Nerds to share the knowledge of the outdoor community, increase access to adventure, inspire action, and build connections between people and nature.

We publish hyper-specific guidebooks about multi-day outdoor adventures. If you have experience planning multi-day adventures, enjoy writing and photography, and are excited to share your knowledge with others, we’d love to hear your proposal.

Our guidebooks feature backcountry activities like backpacking, bikepacking, paddling, ski touring, and surfing in wild places across the United States. We are primarily looking for human-powered adventures that do not involve driving. Each guidebook focuses on a single adventure. We combine natural history, cultural history, responsible travel, and logistical insights for a holistic and easy-to-use resource that makes it easier to get outside.

We recommend that authors propose a 2-4 day adventure for their first book project.

We encourage all people of all backgrounds to apply. You don’t have to be an outdoor expert, but you must have extensive knowledge of your proposed adventure and enjoy immersing yourself in the details of planning an adventure. You must have already completed the adventure once and be planning to do it again this winter/spring.

Unlike most freelance contracts, we pay per assignment, and you also become a published author of a book and earn royalties from book sales. We are excited to support the outdoor community and expand access to adventure for all.

Conduct significant research about the adventure and area
Go on an adventure
Take detailed notes and produce media content (photographs, video, audio recordings)
Follow style guidelines and templates to complete the project
Write a mix of technical, informational, and narrative content for beginners and outdoor experts
Submit writing, supporting resources, photographs, videos, etc. on schedule
Revise work based on feedback
Help promote the book

Tagged as: Backcountry Skills, Climbing Skills, Conservation, Instruction and Guiding, Research/Science and Technical, Sales and Marketing, Ski Industry, Teaching/Education, Water Skills

Required Skills:

Have access to the resources and the skills needed to complete a multi-day outdoor adventure
Have a computer and be familiar with using Google Workspace
Have equipment for taking high-quality photos and videos
Be able to work independently with little to no supervision
Be self-motivated to produce exceptionally well-researched content that transforms complex ideas into organized and accessible language
Follow an editorial calendar and work with editors to revise and submit work on time

About Adventure Nerds

Adventure Nerds is a collective of adventure-obsessed people who share their knowledge to increase access to adventures for everyone, inspire action, and build connections. Our hyper-specific guidebooks about multi-day outdoor adventures professionalize adventure information, support the outdoor community, and make it easier to be curious and choose adventure.

Application Instructions

Review the Adventure Nerds website and the Join the Team page for more information about our organization, mission, and goals. Then, complete the initial author application survey (five multiple-choice questions and one short-answer description of your proposal). If your proposal is a good fit, we will send you more information and a follow-up survey to complete before our first meeting.