Lead 7-14 day trips for a girls teen adventure camp, typically with 1 co-leader and up to 12 campers per session. Responsibilities are all-encompassing and include: leading backpacking and canoeing trips, driving campers in 15 passenger vans with gear trailers, providing camper care and wilderness first aid, managing risks, cooking group meals on backcountry camp stoves, and teaching LNT, yoga and basic camp skills such as tent camping, campfires, map reading and shelter building. Rock climbing, rafting, kayaking, surfing and horseback riding are led by outside service providers, not Alpengirl camp staff, but leaders are responsible for coordination, scheduling and time management.
During employment periods, camp staff are on-duty supervising and assisting campers with limited time off. Attendance to a weeklong staff training in Bozeman, MT in mid June is mandatory. A typical full summer season of work lasts from from mid June to mid August, and includes co-leadership of 4 different back-to-back trips with 1-2 days off between trips.

Tagged as: Backcountry Skills, Camp Counselors, Camp Staff, Instruction and Guiding, Teaching/Education, Water Skills


- Age 21+
- 15 passenger van driving experience
- LNT knowledge and practice
- Youth backpacking leadership experience
- Yoga experience
- Outdoor adventure camp leadership experience

About Alpengirl Camp - Adventure Camps for Girls

Alpengirl is a teen girls summer adventure camp serving girls ages 11-16 in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Washington. Alpengirl's wilderness based "trip and travel" camp sessions are 7-14 days long and are tent camping only. Each session includes multi-adventure components such as backpacking, rafting, rock climbing, surfing, horseback riding and canoeing. Alpengirl's program focus is on health, yoga, camp cooking and meals, wilderness skills, self-esteem and FUN. Camp sessions include up to 12 girls and 2-3 Alpenguides.

Application Instructions

Submit a resume and cover letter with references to [email protected] Additional employment information is available at: https://www.alpengirlcamp.com/about-our-camp/employment