The Facilities & Vehicle Caretaker (FVC) is part of a team overseeing the care, maintenance, and improvement of Alzar School’s campus and vehicles in Idaho. They are responsible for addressing maintenance issues that come up (including the hiring of appropriate subcontractors), proactively scheduling upkeep tasks, and identifying areas that need improvement. They oversee the collection and storage of firewood, schedule and implement vehicle inspections and maintenance, supervise basic construction projects on campus, lead regular facility cleaning and groundskeeping. This is an excellent, hands-on position at a beautiful mountain campus. While it is seasonal in nature now (May to November, pairing well with those working in the ski industry), there is the opportunity to grow this to a full-time position if desired.

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The Facilities & Vehicle Caretaker will be expected to:

Self-manage, as well as lead and manage people.
Prioritize, plan and organize.
Work as part of a team.
Devolve responsibilities, delegate tasks and monitor practice to see that they are being carried out.
Seek advice and support when necessary.
Demonstrate a commitment to equal opportunities.
Use effective communication skills.
Work under pressure and to deadlines.

Preferred Skills:

The Facilities & Vehicle Caretaker shall possess and/or demonstrate:

Familiarity with common building practices, and typical building systems. Knowledge of plumbing, electrical, wastewater, and irrigation systems will be useful.
Familiarity with power tools. Regular use of power hand tools for carpentry, chainsaws, landscaping power tools, snow removal equipment. Loader and backhoe experience and familiarity with hydraulic systems would be useful.
Ability to identify unsafe working conditions or hazardo

About Alzar School

Alzar School’s mission is to build leaders who positively impact the world. Our school integrates the “six foundations” of our program, Academics, Leadership Training, Outdoor Adventure, Cultural Exchange, Service Learning, and Environmental Stewardship, to motivate passionate future leaders.

Application Instructions

To apply online, please visit https://tinyurl.com/alzarfacilitiesvehicles