Alzar School is seeking an energetic Director of Community Food to support the school’s meal preparation and daily operations. This involves building and improving menus, ordering food, managing a budget, putting food orders away, preparing meals, and organizing food for expeditions.

The successful candidate will have a proven professional track record, including work leading similar organizations or companies (such as managing a restaurant or institutional food program). Exceptional candidates will have experience working with and around teenagers, commercial food preparation and catering to large crowds.

This is a dynamic and demanding position, important to the long-term success of the school. As such, the Director of Community Food must be prepared to be a flexible, committed member of a team working to establish the school. It is a full-time position. There are periods of time when food service is not needed (generally November 15 to March 1), and the Director of Community Food could take time off or join Alzar School’s facilities team.

The Director of Community Food will be expected to:

Articulate and understand the vision, mission, and goals of Alzar School.
Lead and supervise the food preparation team to execute breakfast, lunch and dinner for roughly 40-75 people.
Complete food purchasing and packing for commercial raft company’s trips.
Recruit and hire additional kitchen staff to implement food service needs.
Have the ability to build and accurately execute recipes.
Creatively contribute to and understand dietary restrictive menus (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free.)
Exude an understanding of healthy and responsibly sourced food.
Maintain the highest standard of kitchen and facility cleanliness.
Limit food waste.
Work cooperatively and respectfully with both staff and students.
Build community through our overall food program.
Manage an annual budget and ordering of supplies, equipment and ingredients.

See full job description at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VEebk-3rDyCOzI1QTN_6fYfSK0yHBrU4nTt0W1Z9m10/edit

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At minimum, a high school degree.
Experience working in a commercial kitchen or catering to large crowds.
Experience engaging and working with teenagers.
Proficiency with computer software and applications, to include some of the following (but not limited to): all Google apps, including Docs and Sheets, web browsers

Required Skills:

The Director of Community Food must be willing to work in a fast paced environment that requires physical agility and the ability to lift 45 lbs. They can expect extended and irregular hours some weeks out of the year.

Preferred Skills:

The Director of Community Food must be a dynamic, engaging, and self-motivated person. They must be effective at working independently and in collaboration with other staff.

The Director of Community Food must have the ability to:

Use effective communication skills.
Spend and enjoy extended periods of time with youth in a variety of settings.
Prioritize, plan and organize on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis.
Multi-task and work extremely efficiently.
Work as part of a team, sharing respons

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