We are hiring an enthusiastic leader to split time between two roles. The responsibilities vary depending on the year, but are synergistic in nature, and combine to create a year-round, full-time position.

1) A coordinator role in Alzar School’s outdoor program, specializing in river programming (whitewater rafting and kayaking). See job description: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DCxQam-oK0SPsi3rsGItzhg3LQ1jvKD4RK8y_upX8gE/edit?usp=sharing

2) Associate manager of a commercial raft company on the Main Salmon River (Confluences River Expeditions). See job description: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GgLukDx2tAQWe6PDblFKsUVyPdq3w4RKMqDUqG_judQ/edit?usp=sharing

Learn more about both organizations here: http://www.alzarschool.org and http://www.confluencesriverexpeditions.com

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Wilderness First Responder certification

Swiftwater Rescue certification

Required Skills:

Whitewater rafting and kayaking competency, specifically on multi-day trips (Main Salmon experience preferred)

Strong communication skills

Experience managing a team

Preferred Skills:

Experience marketing and selling programs/trips

About Alzar School & Confluences River Expeditions

Alzar School’s mission is to build leaders who positively impact the world. Our school integrates the “six foundations” of our program, Academics, Leadership Training, Outdoor Adventure, Cultural Exchange, Service Learning, and Environmental Stewardship, to motivate passionate future leaders. Confluences River Expeditions is a subsidiary of Alzar School and has the mission to bring people together for world-class experiences on the Main Salmon River.

Application Instructions

Please apply online at https://forms.gle/QWmN1c1yknStjg8dA