American Conservation Experience, a nonprofit Conservation Corps, in partnership with the National Park Service, is seeking ONE Insect Ecology Intern to assist with monitoring, sampling, and identifying terrestrial insects associated with various projects throughout the Park.

The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park traverses 184.5 miles across four physiographic provinces, five counties in Maryland and West Virginia, as well as into the District of Columbia. Such physiographic diversity subsequently cultivates plant and wildlife diversity, which is evident as one travels through the Park. As an example, the Park hosts more dragonfly and damselfly species than from any other national park in the country. That said, little else is known about the insects in the Park and how they respond to habitat changes resulting from management practices.

This position will focus on insect trap deployment and monitoring; collecting insect and associated plant samples; active insect sampling; identification of insects; and various other duties, depending on interests of the incumbent. The position will contribute to various research projects during the field season of 2022: Sampling epigeic and aerial insects after prescribed fire management; Comparing insect communities from first year (rosette) to second year (adult) invasive garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) plants ; Collecting and identifying floral visitors on Pycnanthemum virginianum, an imperiled plant species; Assist in experimental set up and sample collection to examine insect communities at river otter latrines; Sampling for floral visitors in managed meadow habitats

Duties for this position include: Deploying and maintaining pitfall traps and malaise traps to collect insects; Actively sampling insect visitors to rare and invasive plant species by sweep netting and vacuum sampling; Collecting, processing, sorting, and identifying insects from trap collections and other samples

Tagged as: Conservation, Research/Science and Technical


- Must be US Citizen or Permanent Resident to comply with government contracts
- Valid driver's license and insurable driving record
- Must pass criminal history checks
- Must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or able to receive a religious or medical exemption
- Able to perform the essential duties of the position with or without reasonable accommodation

Required Skills:

- Willing and able to represent ACE and partner organization in a professional manner
- Ability to be self-directed and be a contributing member of a group
- Ability to collect and organize data and field notes

Preferred Skills:

- Have relevant experience in entomology, ecology, or related discipline
- Experience with various insect sampling methods, including pitfall traps, sweep nets, malaise traps, and other methods
- Experience identifying insects or related taxa using established dichotomous keys

About American Conservation Experience

American Conservation Experience (ACE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing rewarding environmental service opportunities for youth of all backgrounds to explore and improve public lands while gaining practical professional experience.

Application Instructions

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and references to the online application page for this position here: https://usaconservation.applicantpool.com/jobs/755801.html