Program Description:
ARCC Programs is the leading provider of Adventure, Community Service, Travel, and Wilderness programs for teenagers and young adults in the United States. ARCC Gap Semester programs offer an educational and cultural bridge between high school and college. The ARCC Gap Semester programs are an opportunity to live, work, learn and explore in some of the greatest classrooms on earth. ARCC Gap Semesters have a rich academic fabric complementing each location. Going beyond the weekend visit, students take the time to plant their feet in each location, becoming part of the community at large. Working in partnership with area leaders, students pinpoint worthwhile service projects and collaborate with community members to achieve a common goal. Semesters are organized around five major themes including Literacy and Education, Public Health, Urbanization and the Movement of Peoples, Environment and Conservation, and Microfinance and Economic Growth. Students come away from their Gap Semester not only with memories that will last them a lifetime but also with skills and experience that will be invaluable in their future educational goals.

Job Description:
ARCC is looking for Instructors who are enthusiastic about working with students aged 17-20 and who have strong experience working with groups. ARCC Instructors provide an academic framework and structure relevant to their location, as well as teach the curriculum designed for each location and global themes. In addition, Instructors focus on fostering constructive group dynamics, implementing ARCC’s leadership progression, facilitating games, activities, and initiatives, overseeing outfitted activities, and ensuring that each person in the group is able to safely achieve goals consistent with his or her abilities. Two Instructors will guide a group of up to twelve students through rigorous settings while facilitating academic curriculum. These semesters are both mentally and physically challenging for instructors and participants, with many unexpected obstacles and issues.

ARCC seeks Instructors who will be a positive influence on the participants, supporting them throughout the semester and creating a fun, safe, and supportive environment in which they can thrive. Our Instructors are not supervising each student 24 hours a day for the semester, but rather helping them develop their own comfort in each regional location, setting them up to achieve positive development in a safe environment.

Travel logistics
Food buying and food management for group
Management of group budget
Organization of community service projects
Facilitation of educational curriculum
Being available to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Excellent communication skills
Ability to create and foster educational experiences
Management of group safety
Communication and updates with ARCC office
Camping and outdoor education proficiency

Tagged as: Backcountry Skills, Camp Counselors, Conservation, Teaching/Education


Must possess at least a BA or BS degree
Current certification in Wilderness First Responder (WFR, EMT, or WEMT)
Required for semester employment for our program dates + prep/debrief days
Experience leading groups (preferably ages 17-20)

Required Skills:

Experience camping and/or backpacking
Experience leading groups (preferably ages 17-20)
Demonstrated experience working with a co-leader
Demonstrated experience facilitating educational curriculum at a high school level
Experience hosting discussion, debate, lecture, mediation or town council style meetings focused on controversial issues
Professional, fun, motivated and enthusiastic individuals who are flexible and creative

Preferred Skills:

Experience traveling
Experience leading groups

About ARCC Programs

We provide life changing, educational experiences for teenagers in places rarely visited and seldom experienced, both internationally and in the US. Our programs combine outdoor adventure along with service learning and cultural immersion around the world on summer and gap semester programs.

Application Instructions

Please apply online via our website. We will also ask for a cover letter and resume. We are reviewing applications now, so please submit as soon as possible. https://www.adventurescrosscountry.com/learn-more/job-opportunities/#toggle-id-2