For almost 20 years, Avid4 Adventure has empowered kids to live active outdoor lifestyles through our unique outdoor programming. From teaching youth to ride a bike for the very first time to guiding experienced campers through multi-day backpacking expeditions, our Summer Instructors lay the foundation for a lifelong love of adventure. In turn, our team members gain invaluable mentorship and training in outdoor sports, youth development, leadership, and Leave No Trace principles. If you are seeking meaningful work as part of an inclusive community of outdoor enthusiasts, we invite you to join us this upcoming summer!

In this role you will:
Co-lead daily outdoor programming including mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, SUPing, and Leave No Trace principles
Organize and participate in camp programming, ranging from outdoor sports to camp games and rituals
Follow and educate campers on safety protocols to ensure the well-being of participants
Serve as a role model by exhibiting appropriate behavior, attitudes, and activities
Provide exceptional customer service to parents and all program participants
If you are a trained Driver, transport up to 13 campers to and from program areas with company passenger vans

Important Details:
Work Schedule: Monday – Friday, 35-40 hours/week
Position Duration: Training begins mid-late May, program depending; day camps run from early-mid August, program depending
Compensation: Pay is determined by position, additional responsibilities, relevant certifications, and staff tenure. Starting hourly rates are below:

Tagged as: Backcountry Skills, Camp Counselors, Climbing Skills, Mountaineering Skills, Water Skills


Your Background:
Must be at least 18 years of age by the start of camp for all positions
Must be at least 21 years of age to be eligible for a Driver position
+1 years of experience working with kids in a professional or volunteer setting preferred
Experience in one of our core sports is preferred, but not required for Instructors
Demonstrated personal and/or professional experience in one of our core sports is required for Specialists
Basic First Aid & CPR by the start of camp

About Avid4 Adventure

The mission of Avid4 Adventure is to provide kids and teens with the skills and confidence to choose active outdoor lifestyles. We transport campers to authentic local recreation areas and teach them to climb, bike, paddle, hike and thrive in the outdoors. More importantly, we teach kids and teens to assess risks, use sound judgment, and believe in their abilities. Through summer day camps, overnight camps, school programs, and events, Avid4 Adventure inspires thousands of kids and teens every year to lead active lifestyles.

Application Instructions

Submit your application at the following link: https://jobs.ashbyhq.com/avid4/b3428cf5-5ce6-4f65-ad4b-8a95e5474263?utm_source=W6NJydPzB0

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