Position: Part-Time Faculty in Recreation and Tourism Management; Event, Sport, Hospitality, Outdoor Adventure, Entertainment, Parks.
Department: Recreation and Tourism Management
Effective Date of Appointment: 2022-2023 Academic Year

Note: All part-time faculty appointments are temporary and do not confer academic rank. Final determination of part-time teaching assignments is contingent upon student enrollment figures and funding.

Current Courses or Specialization:

RTM 150. Introduction to Outdoor Education and the Backcountry
RTM 151A Backpacking
RTM 151B Rock Climbing and Mountaineering
RTM 151C Winter Mountaineering
RTM 151D Flatwater Boating
RTM 151F Survival
RTM 151F Survival/ JS 151
RTM 151G Challenge/Ropes Courses
RTM 151H Caving
RTM 251 Recreation and the Natural Environment
RTM 265 Water Skiing and Wakeboarding
RTM 267/L Sailing and Lab
RTM 278 Recreation and Leisure in Contemporary Society
RTM 280 Organizing Campus Recreation and Sport
RTM 296RS Introduction to Recreational Sport Management
RTM 300 Recreation and Community Development
RTM 302 Dynamics of Leadership in Recreation and Human Services
RTM 303 Promotion of the Recreation Experience
RTM 304 Entrepreneurial Ventures in Recreation and Human Services
RTM 305 Dynamics of Early Childhood Play
RTM 306 Leadership Coaching
RTM 310/L Adventure Recreation and Human Relations and Lab
RTM 314 Hospitality and Customer Service
RTM 330 Women, Leisure, and Ethnicity in the U.S.
RTM 351 Practices of Outdoor and Environmental Education
RTM 352 Play and Human Potential
RTM 353/L Literature of the Wilderness Experience and Lab
RTM 402 Models of Play, Recreation and Leisure
RTM 403 Evaluation Research in Recreation and Human Services
RTM 406/L Enhancing Childhood Creativity and Lab
RTM 414 Food and Beverage Management
RTM 415 Leisure and Aging
RTM 424 Meetings and Conventions Management
RTM 434 Accommodations Management
RTM 444 Nonprofit Organizations and Fund Development in Leisure and Human Services
RTM 452/L Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Lab
RTM 480 Recreational Tourism: Issues and Trends
RTM 481 Principles of Sustainable Tourism

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1. To teach within the bachelor’s degree Program a bachelor’s degree required; Master’s Degree preferred in Recreation, Tourism Management, Hospitality Management, Recreational Sport Management or closely related or allied field of study.

To teach within the Master’s Degree Program a Master’s Degree is required in Recreation, Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, Recreational Sport Management or closely related field; Ph.D. degree preferred in Recreation or Tourism.

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