Do you enjoy facilitating safe, meaningful, and worthwhile experiences for kids and the occasional adult? Our high ropes elements, swings, climbing wall, bungee, and tree climbing elements provide adventurous and growth-oriented experiences for our campers. The challenge course lead is tasked with managing and maintaining that course. They are responsible for training course facilitators, performing and delegating regular element inspections, and keeping up-to-date safety logs and incident reports. Must hold a Level 2 Challenge Course Practitioner certification or have the ability to obtain one.
But working at Camp Augusta doesn’t mean only focusing in one area. Every position is provided the time to develop in other activity areas such as arts, counseling, target sports, and game development. If you work here, you are a part of a community of dedicated and intentional people who look to learn and grow into greater versions of themselves.

We are a residential summer camp located in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California. We have six sessions during our season, 3 one week and 3 two week, with 90 campers (aged 8-16) each session. Our staff training begins on May 18th, and the main season runs through August 14th. Staff live onsite in cabins, yurts, and even a tree house! We provide fresh meals, organic and locally sourced. All staff must be 19 years or older by May 2021.

A Note for 2021: We acknowledge these are unprecedented times and strive to prioritize health and safety of campers and staff so we can continue to bring wish, wonder, and surprise into children’s lives through magical days spent at summer camp. In response to the ongoing risks of COVID-19, we are taking steps to develop a comprehensive policy for summer operations. As part of this response, Camp Augusta will be a closed site for 2021. For staff, this means that all staff will be required to remain on-site all season including time-off with the exception of predetermined essential reasons. The overall experience of our staff is very important to us, and we remain confident that being a staff member at Camp Augusta provides one of the most worthwhile and life changing experiences in the camp world. If you would like to know more, we are happy to chat about details during the application process.

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Must hold a Level 2 Challenge Course Practitioner certification or have the ability to obtain one.

Required Skills:

Excellent Communication
Facilitation, frontloading, and debriefing skills
Able to train staff with minimal high ropes experience

Preferred Skills:

Great with kids
Able to juggle goslings (also open to partridges)
Confidence and good decision making skills at height
Familiar with various high ropes and challenge course elements and the gear associated with their faciliation

About Camp Augusta

When in your life has your work asked you to have an oatmeal fight, transform into a dragon, search your soul and encourage soul searching for others? Working at Augusta is an experience unlike any other. Our days are beautiful, demanding, inspiring, educational, hilarious, frustrating, silly, surprising, intimate, active and most importantly, full of opportunity. Our staff have ample opportunities to develop themselves personally and professionally. In our 3.5 week staff training and throughout the summer, staff can learn and practice progressive models of child development and counseling, communication techniques like clean communication and Nonviolent Communication, diverse leadership styles as well as how to live in a tight-knit community. Come with an open-mind, a trusting-heart and plenty of ambition, and leave with a soul on fire!

Are you up for the challenge? 🙂

Application Instructions

At Camp Augusta, we want to get to know you as a real human, not a set of numbers or boxes to fill out. Our application starts with you pondering on and answering 6 questions, the first of which is "Who are you?". If you are intrigued and delighted by this idea, please take some time to peruse our website, then submit an interest form here: https://campaugusta.org/staff/staff-app/staff-interest-form/ You can reach us at 530-265-3702 or [email protected] - we would love to chat!