As a Trips Counselor, you will be helping campers explore and discover a passion for the world around them by taking them to many locations throughout the white mountains. You will also be teaching them about the wildlife and plants in the different locations you go to through engaging lessons you create. The Trips Counselor is responsible for the oversight of all off-site trips, which include, but is not limited to, hikes, canoe trips, rope course adventures, biking excursions, medical runs, airport transportation, and more. You will also work with the Office Manager, Program Director, and Camp Director to organize transportation for camper arrival and departure dates.

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Work with the Travel Manager and Camp Director to ensure that camper pickup and drop-offs run on time.
Ensure appropriate transportation to and from trip locations.
Comply with Cody’s driving and transportation policies.
Make sure each vehicle is appropriately equipped with First Aid supplies.
Coordinate with the Food Service Director for bagged meals for each trip.
Coordinate with the Health Center Director for any required camper/staff medications.
Keep accurate logs of mileage, gas, and all d

Required Skills:

Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills
Experience driving a seven to fifteen-passenger vans and/or vehicles of similar size
Experience working with children
Knowledge of safety practices as applicable to driving and maintaining rented vehicles
Endurance and stamina needed to provide constant programming and supervision to campers and staff
Willingness to work late hours
Positive attitude and sense of humor

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