Camp First Aid Providers manage the camp first aid office. One provider is responsible for the administration of all first-aid and health-related aspects of camp. The other provider is responsible for daily logistical camp duties as well as administering first aid when to providers are needed. This is not a nursing position; camp does not employ a camp nurse.

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Applicants must be college-aged or older. Current certification in American Red Cross or equivalent Standard First Aid, and Child CPR is required. First Aid and CPR training is available through camp.

About Camp Kinneret Summer Day Camp

We are a summer day camp that prides itself on creating a fun, supportive environment for our campers and staff. We call ourselves a child-centered program, meaning that our attitude and approach to everything we do at camp focuses on creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere for our campers.

We are looking for motivated individuals who have a desire to teach, nurture, and create lasting memories. In addition to the growth you will see in your campers, you will also face lots of growth! Through your challenges and successes, our Leadership Team (a group of camp and education professionals) will support and guide you as you become a stronger leader, develop important life skills, and have a lot of fun!

Application Instructions

Please visit www.workatcamp.com to submit your application! Applications must be received by May 30th. Please note that we hire on an ongoing basis, so we recommend that you submit your application by early April or sooner.