Share in the joy of new friendships and experiences of growth with our summer campers! As a Counselor you will mentor a cabin of up to 10 same aged campers in collaboration with a Co-Counselor for a three week overnight session. Included in this session you will Co-lead or possibly solo lead a 3-9 day wilderness trip in our scenic Northwoods neighborhood. While not on “Trail,” Counselors will support their campers during most of the daily events such as meals, group activities and times at the cabin. Counselors are expected to sleep in their cabins at night and be at all meals unless they are on time off, in which they will have one 12 and two 24 hour period off. During Staff Training, Counselors will learn about many ways to manage risk, have fun in our tight-knit community, and be a strong leader at camp and on trail. Other responsibilities and tasks may be asked of our counselors during their employment which can be found in more detail on our website.

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1. Minimum 18 years old
2. Previous leadership experience
3. Certified in Lifeguard Training (LGT)/Wilderness Water Safely (WWS), Standard First Aid/Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and CPR (Certifications may be obtained through Camp Manito-wish prior to first day of work)
4. Comfortable and interested in outdoor living and willing to develop expertise in canoe, backpacking or sea kayaking leadership.
5. Desire and proven ability to work with children

Required Skills:

1. Ability to communicate and work with groups participating (age and skill levels), and provide necessary instruction to campers
2. Ability to communicate and train staff and campers in safety regulations and emergency procedures
3. Visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards
4. Physical ability to respond appropriately to situations requiring rescue and first aid
5. Abilities to observe camper behavior, assess its appropriateness, enforce safety regulations

About Camp Mantio-wish YMCA

Our 100+ year old Summer Camp provides a combination of traditional camp activities (archery, horsemanship, swimming, etc.) and wilderness tripping for youth entering 5th through 10th grade. There are separate 3-week boys and girls sessions, as well as 2-weeks of Family Camp. Boys Camp runs through June, Family Camp in early July, and Girls Camp from mid-July to mid-August. Our programming puts emphasis on the wilderness experience and we use it as a resource to facilitate growth and leadership development in partnership with our in-camp experience. Along with Summer Camp, Manito-wish is also features a robust wilderness expeditions program called Outpost and Leadership Program that facilitates teambuilding activities for a multitude of camp and community groups. We have full and part summer opportunities for staff members who are 18 years and older.

Application Instructions

Please fill out an online application found on our website https://manito-wish.org/join-the-team/employment-apply/

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