This is an opportunity through the Americorps VISTA program. Learn more about VISTA by visiting https://www.americorps.gov/serve/fit-finder/americorps-vista

The VISTA at Canyonlands Field Institute (cfimoab.org) will work to increase marketing and fundraising to expand our education programs for youth from BIPOC focused programs.

Outdoor education offers a unique opportunity to challenge people in new surroundings while practicing scientific processes and developing social and emotional skills related to self-awareness and communication. These lessons are a valuable pathway to positive outcomes and breaking the cycle of inequity. Working for the Marketing and Communications Director, the VISTA will: identify BIPOC organizations with environmental education interests; create a marketing and fundraising plan to attract BIPOC programs to CFI programming; and learn to guide trips to identify barriers and ladders over barriers for BIPOC participants on future outdoor education trips.

CFI’s mission is to provide quality outdoor education programs that inspire care of wild places and renew the human spirit. By combining Social and Emotional Learning with hands-on science education, our curriculum is specifically designed to deepen connections between students and their surroundings. Our science lessons are framed through SEEd and NGSS standards, and we specialize in creating an experience specifically suited to a school’s educational goals. In addition, our Social and Emotional Learning curriculum intentionally teaches skills in self-management, group awareness, responsible decision making, and communication. CFI has over 35 years of experience leading outdoor expeditions for schools. Our educators bring science to life, connect with students, and provide guidance and technical skill education. We strive to provide meaningful outdoor experiences for all students. Many of our program costs are subsidized through grants, donations, and memberships. We are currently partners in the Working Towards Racial Equity project with UC Berkeley and Justice Outside.

CFI looks for energetic, thoughtful employees who work well with a team and are ready to contribute to a small, well-meaning organization.

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About Canyonlands Field Institute

Canyonlands Field Institute is a nonprofit educational guiding organization based in Moab, Utah. CFI strives to create connection between students of all ages and our natural environments through science, art, and experience.

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To apply, send a cover letter to Brennan Gillis, [email protected], AND apply through the Americorps Portal: https://my.americorps.gov/mp/login.do

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