Near shore salmon gillnet fishing position. Preparing and setting nets in the ocean when the fishing season opens. Then picking the salmon out of the nets several times a day from a 24 ft open aluminum boat, sometimes in rougher waters than most people are used to. Mostly on shore living in a remote off grid cabin for meals, shore work, recreation, and sleep. Pay is room and board plus a percentage of the catch totalling 10%. I have extra raingear but you are required to get yourself to Kodiak and a commercial crew license.

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I am looking for a positive attitude with a good work ethic. All skills can be taught. This is a physically demanding job that typically puts new comers to the test. Know your strengths and limitations before applying...

Required Skills:

Besides a cheerful positive attitude I'm hoping for someone with initiative.

Preferred Skills:

Basic carpentry skills, trail building, and boating skills would be nice but not required.

About Cape Uganik Fishery

Commercial Salmon Setnet operation

Application Instructions

Please send resume to [email protected]