CMSP Intern Job Summary: The Casper Mountain Science Program offers both day and residential (overnight) programs. Interns will teach curriculum that is based on the Wyoming State Standards and is designed to meet the needs of the classroom teacher. While some lessons and activities are taught indoors, a significant portion of the teaching is done in the field. Most work with students is done Monday through Thursday, with training and classroom visits reserved for Fridays. The hours per day vary depending on the type of program we are providing. The weekends provide opportunities to explore the outdoor recreation opportunities on Casper Mountain and around the state of Wyoming.

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Applicants must have at least a high school degree, with a love of science, the outdoors, nature and a desire to share that love.

Required Skills:

Intern Training: Interns receive two weeks of training at the beginning of their internship. The initial training focuses on classroom management and student supervision strategies, the local ecology, CMSP and NCSD procedures, and the curricula offered by our program. Training will continue throughout the semester in order for interns to improve their management and teaching skills, as well as to provide an opportunity to learn more about lesson planning and curriculum design.

Preferred Skills:

Comfortable with students K-12

About Casper Mountain Science Program / Natrona Co Sc Di

We are a program that supports students K-12 in Natrona County School District located in Central Wyoming. Students visit our campus on top of Casper Mountain to engage in science, nature, and the outdoors.

Application Instructions

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: To apply, visit the Natrona County School District website at http://natronaschools.org (click on Careers on the top banner and search Casper Mountain Science Program to find our Intern Instructor position.