Temporary Watershed Rangers will provide resource protection, community outreach and
education, and public safety at City of Longmont’s Button Rock Preserve, water facilities, and
public lands (as described in 13.20.020).

Principal Duties:
Patrol Button Rock Preserve, McCall Lake, parks, greenways, open space, and public lands to
ensure visitor safety and resource protection. Provide education and enforcement of the rules
and regulations of reservoir and public lands, investigate violations, and write municipal
summonses as required. Assist the Watershed Ranger and Senior Watershed Ranger in
managing reservoir facilities, inspecting raw water utility sites, and monitoring surface elevations
and creek flows. Operate a wide variety of equipment used in the maintenance and
management of parks, open space, forestry, raw water utilities, and public lands. Participate in
the maintenance and repair of City buildings, facilities, and property by performing a variety of
carpentry, painting, plumbing, landscaping, and other semi-skilled duties. Interact with park
visitors to provide direction and customer service. Perform daily patrols which can include
hiking, biking, boating, UTVs, or vehicles. Resolve visitor conflicts and problem-solve issues at
parks. Provide first aid and coordinate emergency medical responses. Perform boating assists
and rescues.

Tagged as: Backcountry Skills, Conservation, Development, Medical, Water Skills


Associate’s Degree in natural resource management, natural sciences, park and recreation
management, criminal justice, or two years of directly related field experience in natural resource
management, outdoor recreation, wildlife, fisheries, ecology, regulation enforcement, boat
operation and emergency medical response. Bachelor’s Degree preferred. Special
Qualifications: Bilingual (English/Spanish) proficiency preferred.

About City of Longmont Natural Resources Division

City of Longmont Natural Resources Division manages public lands, wildlife, natural resources, water resources, and other aspects of the City's public lands and ecosystem services.

Application Instructions

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