Clearview TRAILS Outdoor Therapeutic Program is looking to hire two additional full-time field guides by early March 2021!

A field guide’s job consists of maintaining a safe therapeutic, physical, and spiritual environment for our girls in the backcountry of Western Montana during an 8 day shift. Your shift will be followed up with 6 days off to explore the awesome surrounding peaks, rivers, and lakes. We operate right on the border of Montana and Idaho, and the nearby town, Sandpoint, is a hub for outdoor recreation, good food, and live music. While on shift a field guide’s top priority always comes down to maintaining safety and supervision for our students and team. With your guide team, you will be leading our students in backpacking expeditions with the intention of incorporating paddling expeditions and weekly adventure programming including fishing, climbing, and rappelling in late 2021. The ratio of guides to students will be 3 guides to 8 students. All new guides must complete a week-long training in early March led by Steph, the Program Director, and Erin, the Field Director, that will go over the program structure, navigation and survival skills, basic therapeutics, and many other hard and soft skills. You will also receive Aegis Crisis De-escalation and Preventing training. Our guides consistently receive comprehensive and ongoing training in therapeutics, survival skills, ecology, yoga, meditation, ceremony, and initiatives. You will work closely with your guide team, licensed therapist, Program Director, Field Director, and medical coordinators.
Depending on your prior experience you will have the opportunity to come in at different field guide levels. Most guides will start as Apprentice Guides for their first several shifts. You will have the opportunity to develop into an Assistant Guide, and then into a Lead Guide.

Apprentice shift pay is $145/day
Assistant shift pay is $175day
Lead shift pay is $190/day

Benefits include:
Opportunity to partake in our company medical, dental, and vision insurance.
Pro deals with several outdoor companies
Continuing education opportunities
Paid Time Off

What town is like:
Sandpoint, Idaho, the nearby town, is a hub for outdoor recreation, from biking, climbing, paddling rivers and lakes, hiking, camping, to fishing, hunting, downhill skiing, xc skiing, and so much more! Sandpoint also has amazing restaurants, a lively music scene, community yoga studios, and a community rock climbing gym. The town population is about 9,000 and the community of people could not be more friendly. There are endless opportunities to immerse yourself in your environment, no matter the sport or season.

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Required Skills:

21 and older
First Aid and CPR Certification
Must pass a background check

Preferred Skills:

24 and older
Wilderness First Responder certified
Swift-water rescue certified

About Clearview TRAILS

Clearview TRAILS is an outdoor therapeutic program for young women ages 13-18, operating from the primitive backcountry of Montana’s lush mountains, beautiful rivers, and pristine lakes. We believe that treating the person means treating the whole person, so we interlaced a person-centered, family-systems, holistic wellness approach to be our backbone to treatment. TRAILS weaves DBT informed CBT, yoga, meditation, nutrition, community, adventure, and the wilderness into an intentional, cohesive curriculum that supports personal, social, and emotional growth. Our field guides are role models for, and mentors to, our students as they navigate through life’s challenges. There is a heavy emphasis on the intention behind everything we do. TRAILS is a program under Clearview Horizon, a therapeutic boarding school.
The two women who have started up TRAILS, Steph and Erin, are "forever field guides" themselves. They know the importance of self-care, communication, and authenticity.

Application Instructions

Email Erin, the Field Director, with your resume and cover letter at [email protected]