You are passionate about helping others reach their fullest potential. You have a coaching background in either education or behavioral health which gives you a unique understanding of the underlying causes about why some college students struggle. This perspective, paired with a positive outlook, detail-orientation, and a fun personality helps you to succeed as a College Excel Academic Coach.

Academically, you help students develop a deeper understanding of themselves as students and teach them academic skills they may be lacking. In tandem, you develop plans for success and hold students accountable to these plans.

You also understand that college success does not fully happen in the classroom (or even on campus for that matter) and you help students to develop and lead balanced lives that include positive relationships, healthy eating habits, clean living spaces, regular exercise, and fun in their free time!

In short, you are ready to work with students where they are at and help them flourish from there.

If the above description sounds like you and you meet the requirements at the end of this document, we encourage you to apply!

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About College Excel

Founded in 2003, College Excel is the nation’s leading residential college support program located in beautiful Bend, Oregon. College Excel works with bright and capable post-secondary adults (18+) with diverse learning needs by providing the structure and skills necessary to move forward, both academically and personally. Using a proprietary, blended coaching model rooted in a Harvard research-based neurocoaching model, students receive support academically and behaviorally while earning college credits through Oregon State University-Cascades Campus and Central Oregon Community College. Our team of credentialed professionals guide students through a 9-12 month transformational process resulting in sustainable success in college and beyond.

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