Stewards Individual Placements (Stewards), a program of Conservation Legacy, places individual
placements across the nation in projects that build capacity, improve access to natural resources,
develop and support innovative solutions, develop opportunities for service and economic development,
and empower leaders. Stewards focuses on federal partners such as the National Park Service, US
Forest Service, and Bureau of Indian Affairs, along with multiple state and local governments and
The Corps Director is responsible for developing and maintaining national partnerships within their
service communities and surrounding geographic area. This includes identifying, developing, and
maintaining relationships with project partners. This position especially collaborates with Executive
Directors, National Director of Development, and Chief Executive Officer to develop and maintain regional
and national partnerships. Under their leadership, they will operate a team of program staff members at
various levels to be high-functioning, effective and lead the corps industry in day to day and strategic
decisions, innovation, and programmatic outcomes.
For a complete job description, please email Stacey Alfandre, [email protected]

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 5 years of experience in youth development or corps field.
 5 years in a leadership role of a non-profit or alike organization.
 Exhibits the ability to effectively work on diverse teams or with a variety of populations, including
those underrepresented at our organization and those of BIPOC communities.
 Experience with influencing diverse groups of employees to achieve common goals.
 Flexibility, adaptability, and capacity to work in a fluid, changing work environment.
 The ability to c

About Conservation Legacy

Fostering conservation service in support of communities and ecosystems.

A legacy of healthy lands, air and water; thriving people and resilient communities.

Application Instructions

Send Cover letter and resume to Stacey Alfandre [email protected] Subject line in this email must include “Applicant”. Cover Letter must include a response to the following question: Provide some examples of your experience working effectively with diverse communities, including those specific to the BIPOC community & other underrepresented populations, in personal or professional context.