Deep Springs College seeks a Farm Foreman to support its Ranch and Farm Program near beautiful Bishop, California.

The Farm Foreman supports and assists the Ranch Manager in operation of the College’s agricultural programs maintaining the production of 150 acres of hay as well as the necessary infrastructure and diesel equipment.

Like similar roles at other farms and ranches, the Farm Foreman will supervise a small team (~3-5 people) to carry out their responsibilities. Unlike similar roles, the team is entirely composed of students from the College who work at least 20 hours per week, many who begin with no prior agricultural experience.

The Farm Foreman will be successful through careful maintenance of equipment and efficient operation of the farm at the direction of the Ranch Manager. Their impact on the college will be measured by their operational success and the ability to train, manage, and mentor students, increasing their capability to carry responsibility consistent with the goals of the College and the Ranch.

This position is a rare and rewarding way to work with motivated and bright students in the College’s essential farm program. We welcome any candidate who can accomplish the delegated responsibilities. This position may be a great opportunity for a farmer early in their career seeking to build experience managing a ranch’s hay operation. Or this position may be a great fit for an experienced farmer looking to share their knowledge with eager learners.

The Farm Foreman must have the experience and skills necessary to independently carry out all responsibilities listed below:

● Operate, maintain, and repair to trucks, tractors, and implements
● Operate, maintain, and repair pumps, plumbing, irrigation lines, and sprinklers
● Assist in training assigned Student laborers
● Assist in infrastructure repair and maintenance of the Ranch, Farm, and College
● Perform all tasks consistently with the College’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program and
responsibly work to enhance that program
● Other duties as assigned by the Ranch Manager
● Participating in the Deep Springs community outside of the farm operations, as described in
the Staff Personnel Policy.

The Farm Foreman is appointed by the President of Deep Springs and is directly responsible to the Ranch Manager.

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About Deep Springs College

Deep Springs College is a private, nonsectarian, fully accredited two-year college program for academically-gifted young people, located on a small cattle-and- alfalfa ranch in a beautiful, remote area of the White Mountains on the California-Nevada border. After completing Deep Springs’ two-year program, most students transfer to four-year institutions such as Chicago, Columbia, Brown, and Stanford.

The program combines rigorous academic coursework with 20-25 hours of physical labor each week. Students milk cows, wash dishes, assist in the office, cook, clean, make hay, and tend to cattle, horses and gardens.

All members of the Deep Springs community—the students, faculty, staff, president, and resident families—live on-site and take part in fostering and developing community life, at the same time respecting each others' need for privacy. Room and board is provided for all employees as part of a robust benefits package.

Deep Springs is an equal opportunity employer.

Application Instructions

For additional information, visit www.deepsprings.edu. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]