Field instructors in the EPI’s Hawaii Program teach eight or nine-day field ecology courses for teenage students and teachers on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Our programs introduce students to real-world scientific study, engage them in conservation service projects, and raise their cultural and ecological awareness.


The Program emphasis is watershed ecology, sustainable living, and conservation within a cultural context. Groups will participate in land and water-based conservation efforts in support of state and federal endangered species recovery efforts. Students will collect data on invasive plant species and conduct marine-life snorkel transects to collect data for on-going reef monitoring projects that support community-based conservation initiatives. Students will also be immersed in local Hawaiian culture and participate in ecological restoration activities to learn unique perspectives and tools for addressing sustainability challenges.

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About Ecology Project International

EPI is an international non-profit dedicated to addressing critical conservation issues through field-based partnerships between local experts and middle/high school students. We engage adolescents from local communities and visiting youth from other regions in applied hands-on science and conservation as they learn about and help protect threatened species and habitats. EPI’s programs in the U.S. and Latin America inspire the next generation of environmental leaders to engage in conservation efforts at home and around the world. More information can be found at www.ecologyproject.org.

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