Upcoming Training: January 26-31, 2022

Field Mentors at Traverse are attuned to the needs of our clients. Mentors ensure an environment of physical and emotional safety through their outdoor living skills and compassion. Staff are role models for healthy relationships, appropriate boundaries, assertive communication, and meaningful confrontation. We look for those who are confident and passionate about these goals, and who bring with them a spirit of flexibility and creativity. In sum, Mentors are called upon to be a parent figure, an advisor, a teacher, a friend, a source of encouragement, and a keen listener. Our Mentors are NOT single-minded authoritarians, enforcers of a system of punishments-and-rewards, nor are they able to force a client to change.

Mentors oversee and participate in small group living for 8 days at a time. They are primarily responsible for giving clients the tools they need to succeed at living in a challenging environment. Longer-term, staff are also encouraged to develop a deeper area of interest and specialty within the work (e.g. traditional primitive skills, substance abuse counseling, etc).
In a typical day or week, you can expect to:

Hike over beautiful, rugged terrain.
Take responsibility for client safety (e.g. ensure they are warm, dry, and hydrated).
Cook on open flame.
Play a game around the fire or in a field.
Participate in a rappelling or rock-climbing session.
Sleep on the ground under the stars.
Lead a yoga or meditation session.
Teach a lesson on family dynamics.
Provide feedback for clients & peers alike.
Be challenged to grow as person and as a professional

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We’re seeking Mentors who are genuinely excited about working as part of a small team—in and out of the field. Wilderness therapy requires a flexibility of spirit, determination, and commitment (from clients AND from staff). Our interview & training process will ask you to demonstrate these skills.

Required Skills:

21 years of age
Current (at the time of training) medical certifications. Minimum of CPR (within the last year) & First Aid (WFR strongly preferred)
High school diploma (bachelor’s degree preferred)
Annual physical (ability to lift & carry a pack of 50+ lbs; hike over uneven, rugged terrain, etc)
Pre-employment drug screening

About Elements Traverse

Elements Traverse is dedicated to serving young adult clients (18 and up) who are struggling to live healthy independent lives. Traverse works with our clients to use the strengths they already possess to identify & shift whatever is underlying their struggles. Mentors are critical in helping clients recognize what they do well, and where they have room to grow. Oftentimes, that is simply being present and asking the right questions.

Application Instructions

Please email your resume and cover letter to Nate Andrew, at [email protected] OR apply via our website: elementstraverse.com