The Horticulture Manager is responsible for the development, protection and enhancement of the native plant communities and landscapes at the Environmental Nature Center, ENC Nature Preschool and Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary. Candidate should be knowledgeable about native plants and threats to native habitats including plant pests, pathogens and diseases. Candidate will monitor and manage our plant communities so that they provide healthy habitat for native wildlife and are aesthetically pleasing to our human visitors. This is a hands-on position. The Horticulture Manager spends the majority of the day outside in all weather conditions engaged in physical activity, dividing their time between all three locations. Must be willing and able to commute to both Newport Beach and Silverado, CA. This is a Full-Time position. Pay Range: $18 – $22/hour.
The Horticulture Manager works under the direct supervision of the Assistant Director.

Essential Functions/Duties Include but Are Not Limited To:

Daily Operations
1. If opening, walk the grounds and assure trails are safe. Complete opening procedures check-list.
2. Water plants in the propagation area, as well as unestablished new plantings (before the heat of the day).
3. If closing, walk the grounds and assure that visitors have left. Complete closing procedures check-list.
4. At Tucker, responsible for all facility maintenance, assuring that bird feeders are clean and filled, and assuring that restrooms are clean and well stocked with soap, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.
5. Responsible for daily litter removal and disposal, and for emptying and maintaining all trash receptacles.
6. Keep streams and pond systems clear of debris, ensure pump and water flow system are functioning correctly, shutting down the system if necessary.
7. Responsible for notifying the Executive Director of any safety hazards that are not easily corrected, and for closing any trail if necessary.

Plant Communities
1. Implement or oversee the implementation of all horticulture improvements to the grounds including: planting, watering, trimming, weeding, irrigation and hardscape.
2. Develop and implement plans for habitat restoration and improvements to plant communities and landscapes. Consult with qualified experts when appropriate. Report to the Executive Director, Assistant Director, Site Development Committee or Program Committee as appropriate.
3. Remove non-native invasive weeds (with and without the assistance of community volunteers).
4. Assure that tools are sanitized between uses to avoid contaminating plants with pathogens (i.e. Phytophthora, weed seed, Euwallacea sp., Fusarium euwallaceae, etc.)
5. Responsible for maintaining all irrigation systems and installing new irrigation when necessary.
6. Recordkeeping: Record all plant removals, additions and replacements in facility specific databases.
7. Research appropriate plants for placement in plant communities based upon educational opportunities,

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1. Commitment to the mission, vision and core values of the Environmental Nature Center.
2. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and demonstrate flexibility.
3. Knowledge of California native plants highly desirable.
4. Knowledge of appropriate planting and watering methods required or willingness to learn.
5. Knowledge of native plant maintenance (trimming, dead-heading, etc.) highly desirable.

Required Skills:

6. Knowledge of native plant production, including asexual and sexual propagation is desirable.
7. Knowledge of transplanting techniques is desirable.
8. Knowledge of seed collection, viability assessment, storage, and packaging is desirable.
9. Ability to operate power tools, gardening equipment, etc.
10. Ability to memorize and recall facts, figures, and information.
11. Ability to move up to fifty pounds and set up equipment.

Preferred Skills:

12. Ability to hike on trails, and traverse stairs and uneven terrain while carrying equipment.
13. Ability to make independent decisions and respond to immediate needs of students, emergency situations, and program needs.
14. Ability to work outside in a variety of weather conditions and temperatures.
15. Regular, reliable and punctual attendance is essential because of limited resources, costs, productivity and quality continuity.
16. Ability to work irregular hours, including occasional weekends

About Environmental Nature Center

Founded in 1972, the Environmental Nature Center (ENC) is a world class facility that provides transformative experiences resulting in a deeper connection to nature. The ENC’s mission is to provide quality education through hands-on experience with nature. Our vision is to provide equitable access and inspire all to protect the natural world by serving as our community’s leader in ecological responsibility, sustainable practices and environmental education. The ENC connects over 50,000 community members to nature annually through school field trips, Traveling Naturalist programs, community programs, nature camps, service learning programs, and professional development programs.

The ENC’s 5-acre Newport Beach campus features 15 California native plant communities, wildlife habitat, walking trails, and sustainably designed construction. The ENC’s LEED Platinum certified facilities are nationally recognized and provide an essential connection between nature and the built environment.

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