Get In The Wild Adventures (GITW) is looking for a qualified Lead Canyoneering Guide/Instructor to join our Washington and Utah canyoneering teams. This position will assist in all aspects of our wilderness education and guiding programs including trip planning, logistics, route reconnaissance, guiding and administration.
Professional wilderness guiding and instruction is a very exciting and rewarding career. The great relationships we develop, the variety of guests that we work with, the incredible wilderness areas we work in and the unique challenges of our outdoor office environment all contribute in making our profession one of the most exciting and rewarding in the world.

Our profession requires not only a passion for the outdoors, but an equally great passion for our guests. To be successful, guides must be able to share their wilderness knowledge and skills in a safe, supportive and professional manner. . To be a lead guide/instructor for GITW, you must be exceptionally skilled, knowledgeable and patient as well as be in excellent physical condition.

COMPENSATION: Salary is commensurate with level of experience and familiarity with GITW specific route locations.

• Participate as member of a team of professional and dedicated employees and volunteers working for a leading outdoor education and guiding company.
• Develop skills vitally important in today’s fast-paced work environment including analytical skills, leadership, team-based interaction, goal setting and strategic planning.
• Establish new contacts in the media, advertising and marketing industry, nonprofit sector and outdoor recreation industry.
• Free tuition and meals for most GITW trips & courses.
• Pro-purchase opportunities from most major outdoor gear and clothing companies.


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The foremost quality that we look for in a guide/instructor is overall competence as a wilderness leader. We look for guides that possess a highly developed sense of self-worth combined with a gregarious and humble personality. Equally important is the ability to be a team player capable of motivating and inspiring your team towards a common set of objectives. You must thrive on helping others learn the skills of our trade and be able to do so in an approachable manner.

Required Skills:

1. Must have current Wilderness First Responder and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Certifications.
2. Must have a Canyon Leader/Canyon Guide certification and have led a minimum of 24 technical canyoneering trips in the last two years, or have "equivalent" canyoneering experience.
3. Must be able to demonstrate exceptional teaching and leading skills.
4. Must be competent with route finding, navigation and map & compass skills.
5. Must be competent in all aspects of hazard recognition and avoidance.

Preferred Skills:

1. Should have a broad understanding of the geography, geology and natural history of Southern Utah.
2. Should have an exceptional level of physical fitness.
3. Should have Leave No Trace Certification, or demonstrate competence in low impact techniques and philosophy.

About Get In The Wild Adventures

We are an outdoor adventure organization based in Western Washington and Southern Utah. We offer a wide range of wilderness programs for adventurers of all ages and skill levels including canyoneering, mountaineering, backpacking, photography workshops, yoga in the wild, family adventure vacations, vehicle basecamp adventures and hard core wilderness expeditions
We were founded on the belief that paramount in sharing our experiences with others is the need to train and empower individuals to make safer decisions as they explore the wilderness on their own. We make no compromises on safety. Our courses are carefully designed to help students master the essential skills necessary to travel safely in wilderness environments. We don’t simply lead clients to a specific destination as many guide services do; we teach them the essential leadership, safety and environmental stewardship skills necessary to ensure that their future wilderness experiences are as safe and rewarding as possible.

Application Instructions

Please complete an application on our website at the following link: https://getinthewild.com/employment-opportunities/