Program Directors and Mentors are seasonal program staff who guide our students through a transformative program experience, facilitating program and leadership activities, as well as reflections and discussions with students.


DIRECTORS collaborate with the Local Program Director (from the host country or region) to facilitate a positive summer experience for Mentors and participants. Program Directors work to maintain the safety and health of each student, ensure program logistics are properly coordinated and implement GLA’s service-learning leadership curriculum. Communication, teamwork and flexibility are critical throughout this process. Local Directors are responsible for managing, supporting, and guiding local team members in their roles.

MENTORS participate in all aspects of programming alongside students, including community service and excursions. Mentors facilitate activities implementing GLA’s service-learning leadership curriculum, as well as discussion and reflection sessions to help students process their experiences. Mentors will facilitate discussions directly with a small group of students regularly and occasionally lead activities with larger groups of students.

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• Bachelor’s degree or several years of experience working within the experiential education field
• A minimum of two years of experience working with teens; either teaching in a classroom or in an alternative education or childcare setting
• Extensive international travel experience or cross-cultural experience for our non-U.S. programs; extensive regional or thematic experience for programs within the U.S.

For more, please visit www.experiencegla.com/seasonal-jobs/

Required Skills:

• Strong interpersonal communication skills and cross-cultural awareness
• Flexibility – our staff have the ability to find comfort in the discomfort, no matter their location
• Exceedingly personable and positive demeanor
• Staff must possess the ability to actively participate in all elements of the program’s experience – the position requires a lot of physical and emotional stamina, with a focus on safety and risk management.

For more, please visit www.experiencegla.com/seasonal-jobs/

Preferred Skills:

• Advanced language skills in a language of the country where you are interested in working
• Wilderness certifications for programs in remote locations; an additional stipend is offered for staff certified as a WFR or WAFA
• Lifeguard certification for water-based programs; an additional stipend is offered for staff certified as lifeguards
• Extensive experience in the country or region where you are interested in working

For more, please visit www.experiencegla.com/seasonal-jobs/

About Global Leadership Adventures

We are Global Leadership Adventures (GLA), a well-established organization committed to delivering life-changing journeys for high school and middle school students. Our mission is to inspire the next generation to realize their potential to transform the world and their role in it. We proudly operate our global travel service-learning programs in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the United States.

Application Instructions

Please submit an online application at https://www.tfaforms.com/309213. You will be asked to upload a cover letter, resume and two references, as well as to respond to scenario questions. Applicants who do not complete the entire application process will not be considered. Your cover letter should highlight your experience in facilitating experiential education programs, youth development and leadership, and any experience you have living/traveling the country or region where you are interested in working.