The Great Basin Institute is recruiting Aquatic Monitoring Field Leads, Technicians, and Riparian Botanists to assist in the implementation of the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) National Aquatic Monitoring Framework (NAMF) for Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM) of lotic ecosystems, as well as Multiple Indicator Monitoring (MIM) of stream channels and streamside vegetation. The Aquatic Monitoring Field Teams will work with GBI and BLM staff in southwestern Colorado or eastern Oregon to sample streams and assess riparian vegetation on BLM-managed land using the BLM’s Aquatic AIM protocol. AIM seeks to standardize the collection data that can be used at multiple scales to assist the BLM in making resource management decisions. Field camping will be required.

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About Great Basin Institute

We are an environmental non-profit providing professional development to college students and graduates by offering them positions in environmental protection, restoration and conservation.

Application Instructions

For more information and to apply: Aquatic Monitoring Technician: https://www.vscyberhosting.com/greatbasin/Careers.aspx?req=2020-AIM-011&type=JOBDESCR Aquatic Monitoring Lead: https://www.vscyberhosting.com/greatbasin/Careers.aspx?req=2020-AIM-012&type=JOBDESCR Riparian Botanist: https://www.vscyberhosting.com/greatbasin/Careers.aspx?req=2020-AIM-013&type=JOBDESCR