The Green Mountain Club Long Trail Crew has been building and maintaining stretches of the Long Trail system and Appalachian Trail since 1931. Vermont’s hiking trails can be rugged, wet, and rocky and our professional crews take on the trails’ biggest, most technical, and most challenging projects!

The focus of the Long Trail Crew is to work on heavily damaged sections of trail throughout Vermont that require intensive repair or rebuilding. Projects are almost entirely backcountry-based, and most involve technical stone work. Our crews build staircases, turnpike, bridges, waterbars, and stepping stones to name just a few examples. Green Mountain Club trail crews work hard, have fun, and forge a strong community. We seek to create a more welcoming trail crew culture unconstrained by tradition.

Crews consist of a Crew Lead and three or four Crew Members. Crews work Monday through Friday in the field in all weather. Monday through Thursday nights crews camp near their work sites and share a communal camp kitchen, as well as camp chores. Crew members provide their own personal camping gear and food. The GMC provides transportation to the work site, personal protective equipment, tools, and some group equipment (stove, cook-ware, first-aid supplies). Communal day-off housing is available in Waterbury Center or Danby, VT based on project locations.


Trail crews work all over the Vermont Long Trail, Appalachian Trail, and side trails. Crews may camp out for a single week on short projects, then return to another campsite many times on multi-week projects.

Fall 2022 Position Dates:
August 8 – October 14

Schedule: Monday – Friday, camping at work site Monday – Thursday nights
Compensation: $560/week, plus housing
Benefits: Housing provided, Wilderness First Aid class provided, Retirement (403b) employer matching, eligible for prodeal discounts.

Crew Member Responsibilities:

Complete trail maintenance and construction projects on hiking trails throughout Vermont as part of 4- or 5-person crew.
Use trail tools in accordance with GMC safety protocol and comply with personal protective equipment requirements at all times.
Perform weekly cleaning and maintenance of trail tools and camp gear.
Share equal responsibilities in camp duties such as cooking, cleaning, and food storage.
Maintain high standards of work in a range of weather conditions, including adverse conditions.
Work in a professional and respectful manner with crew leader and fellow crew members.
Utilize Leave No Trace practices while working and in camp.
Serve as a backcountry representative of the GMC in interactions with the public as well as through behavior and backcountry practices.
Assist with Monday morning group cleaning of Back Forty.

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Trail building and maintenance skills preferred (training provided during orientation)
Experience with hand tools and basic power tools
Ability to perform difficult manual labor and to carry heavy loads as a regular part of the workday
Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work well as a member of a small group
Strong backcountry living skills
Experience working in small groups on focused projects
Friendly and professional attitude towards hiking public

Required Skills:

Knowledge of Leave No Trace principles preferred (training provided during orientation)
Wilderness First Aid Certification (class available free-of-charge during orientation)

Physical Requirements:

Ability to lift and carry up to 50 pounds at a time
Ability to be on foot for prolonged periods of time, including hiking several miles with a heavy pack
Ability to perform difficult manual labor and to carry heavy loads as a regular part of the workday

About Green Mountain Club

The Green Mountain Club is the steward and maintainer of the Long Trail and the Vermont section of the Appalachian Trail.
The mission of the Green Mountain Club is to make the Vermont mountains play a larger part in the life of the people by protecting and maintaining the Long Trail System and fostering, through education, the stewardship of Vermont’s hiking trails and mountains.
Each season we hire 30-40 field staff to build, maintain, and steward our 500+ miles of trail.

Application Instructions

For more information, or to apply now, you must go to the website below. Please DO NOT email your resume to us as we only accept applications through our website. https://greenmountainclub.workbrightats.com/jobs/818262-226010.html