Under the direction of the Food Services Lead, a Head cook is responsible for providing shift leadership in the Holden
Village Kitchen and Dining Hall. During scheduled shifts, a Head Cook is responsible for: the safe and sanitary
preparation of food served both throughout the day and at specific times (i.e. menu meals and snacks, Holden bread and
granola, etc.); coordinating and training kitchen volunteers in various food preparation, sanitation, and restocking tasks;
promoting a kitchen atmosphere that balances grace and humor with the need for efficiency and timely food production;
cultivating an inviting atmosphere in the Dining Hall for all through general upkeep and personal interaction. Head Cooks
are also expected to dedicate some of their work time to projects of a particular focus, designated by and designed with
the Food Services Lead.

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About Holden Village

Holden Village is a retreat center nestled in a forested valley at 3,200 feet in the North Cascade mountains of Washington State. Holden Village welcomes people of all ages, ethnicities, faiths and backgrounds to the wilderness to form and renew their relationships with God, the earth, and each other.
Join Holden Village Staff for a few weeks, a whole summer, a few months or a year or two! Holden offers both paid and volunteer opportunities in a wide variety of fields. All positions come with full room and board and internet access. Additional compensation and other benefits are assigned based on position and length of service.

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