Onboard Program Coordinator

Clearwater is currently looking to fill one of our two Onboard Program Coordinator positions for the second half of the 2022 sailing season (August-October). Onboard Program Coordinators alternate weeks living 7 days onboard the sloop Clearwater with 3 days the following week spent remotely or in Clearwater’s
office in Beacon, NY.

The Onboard Program Coordinator’s primary responsibility is to lead Clearwater’s Sailing Classroom Program, which includes training and managing volunteers, corresponding with teachers, and teaching two 3-hour education sails per day for groups ranging from fourth graders to adults. Onboard
Program Coordinators similarly lead public and charter sails which are scheduled more sporadically. When in the office, Program Coordinators recruit volunteers, prepare education materials, and work on other projects to enhance Clearwater’s educational programming.

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Please send a resume and cover letter to Ruthie Gold, [email protected] with the subject line “Onboard Program Coordinator.”

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About Hudson River Sloop Clearwater

The sloop Clearwater, a replica vessel modeled after the Dutch vessels that sailed the Hudson River in the 18th and 19th centuries, was launched on May 17, 1969 from Harvey Gamage Shipyard in South Bristol, Maine. Those early cargo vessels were specially designed for the variable winds, currents and depths of the Hudson. Sailing from town to town today, the Clearwater models her course after that of the historic Dutch sloops.

Their cargoes and crews were the main communication link between riverfront towns and outlying areas which now house one-tenth of this nation’s population.

Clearwater continues that tradition as a vital link between communities and carries a message to the people who sail on her and see her iconic broad sails from the shore about the beauty and wealth of our region’s waterways – and the everlasting need to protect, preserve and celebrate them.

Application Instructions

Please send a resume and cover letter to Ruthie Gold, [email protected] with the subject line “Onboard Program Coordinator.”