Assist in the NOLS Rocky Mountain rations (field food) department. Provide nutritious food and promote a friendly, inclusive, and welcoming culture. Aid in educating on basic nutrition, meal planning, and on the NOLS bulk rationing system.

Tagged as: Cooks and Food Service


Hard-working, detail-oriented, and committed to excellence.
Self-directed, efficient, and able to make decisions independently.
Must be able to lift and carry 50 pounds. Examples include but are not limited to, bags of flour, boxes and duffle bags of food, and shelving units.
Desire to interact with NOLS students, instructors, and in-town staff.
Desire to learn about bulk field rations, field cooking, and nutrition.
Able to work flexible hours, including weekends and holidays.

About NOLS

NOLS is a nonprofit global wilderness leadership school with campus's around the world.

Application Instructions

To apply - send a cover letter and resume to: John Sims, NOLS Rocky Mountain Rations Manager Email: [email protected] Phone: 307-332-1419 Contact John with questions.