Come and be a part of the amazing team at Prismatic Tours! At Prismatic we are a dedicated crew of paddlers and outdoor enthusiasts who love to share the beauty and wonder of America’s first National Park with guests from all over the world. Prismatic is a top tier company offering private kayak tours with a high priority placed on customer service, backcountry fine dining, and blowing the socks off our guests with fun, safety and learning. In addition to our fully customizable private tours, we offer daily group tours. We are seeking to fill out our guide staff with friendly, knowledgeable and dependable individuals. Preference given to individuals with kayak guiding experience but we are willing to train the right candidate. In early June we provide extensive hard skills training with an ACA instructor, deep water rescue and through natural history and interpretive training. In addition we provide partial reimbursement for WFR Certification. Come for a summer, stay for a lifetime living in a National Park! Our guides will have a dedicated camp spot, a built-out sprinter van and a hard sided camper provided for their housing while on shift, making living in the park a dream. We do have some employee housing options available in the Jackson area as well. Inquire regarding availability when you submit your application.

Allow me to paint a picture, a day in the life… You wake up with the sun just after 6am and drive along the shore of the lake in a company vehicle as you sip your coffee, en route to the boat ramp. You pick up the kayak trailer and drive the two minutes to the beach. There you and your fellow guide work as a team to lay out the boats and gear for the day as the guests arrive. After an introduction to the area, highlighting the fact that we are all standing on a GIANT VOLCANO, you slip into the calm cold water as the cry from a loon sends shivers up your spine. You look around you to spot the source of the call, but your eyes land on a massive bull elk drinking from the lake, his antlers bobbing as he gulps the clear water down. You can’t help but smile as you settle into your boat and shake your head in wonder thinking to yourself, “I am getting paid right now!” After an hour on the water, spotting cutthroat trout gliding below you and bald eagles soaring above you, you arrive at the West Thumb Geyser Basin, a mile-long stretch of active geysers and hot springs pouring directly into the lake. After blowing your guests minds with fun facts about geothermal features (all DNA science was made possible from a discovery of an enzyme in a Yellowstone geyser feature!!) you turn the group around to head back to the boat ramp and lunch. After devouring a gourmet lunch with your guests, you pocket your tip, jump in the lake and string up your hammock. Now the only thing left to do is read your book and nap before the sunset tour kicks off in a few hours. Or you could go work for your Uncle Dale in Ohio pounding nails.

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Sea kayak guiding or whitewater kayak guiding experience or related.
Biology, Ecology, Natural Sciences, Education, Outdoor Education, Geography or any other related degree preferred.
Must have a clean driving record.
CPR + First Aid.
W-EMT, WFR, WFA preferred.

Required Skills:

Strong swimmer
Must be in good physical condition and able to lift 60lbs.
Must be punctual.
Must be patient, kind, and customer service orientated.
Must be an outdoor adventurer who likes sharing the natural world with people.
Flexibility and positivity a must.

Preferred Skills:

Birding enthusiast
Nature Nerd 5000

About Prismatic Tours

Founded and based in Jackson Wyoming, Prismatic Tours is the brainchild of two avid outdoor enthusiasts who are most at home in the mountains or on the lakes and rivers that make this part of the country so special. Both owners have worked in the field for years and lead the company with an employee centered approach, knowing how important a positive company culture is for the success of all parties involved. We put this into action with generous pay, a profit sharing model, emphasis on work/life balance and doing everything we can to make "guide life" a high standard of living.

Application Instructions

Please email resume and a short cover letter to [email protected]