With the wilderness as our catalyst, we reveal potential, inspire hope, and heal families. We believe it. We live it.

This is our mission statement. The field guide is the person who sees our students every day and directly facilitates the healing process. As a Field Guide, you will get to know our students and deliver the best program possible to them. This includes creating a safe, healthy, and supervised environment, mentoring, and working as a team. Teach students how to create their own bowdrill fire set and build the group’s shelters from tarps, visit petroglyphs and ghost towns, peak mountains, and watch herds of mustang as the sun rises.

As our Field Guide, you will join one of our two shifts that continually swap back and forth, working 8 day shifts in the backcountry in a small group of at-risk teenagers with 2-3 other guides. We have two types of groups that you can work with:

1) Our RedCliff groups, which generally have 8 students each, live primitively and nomadically. Our students join an existing group when they are admitted and stay in the backcountry while they complete our program (length of stay is, on average, two and a half months). We do not have a set route or designated campsites; our groups practice low-impact principles as they continually hike and set up camp in our field of over 400 square miles.

2) Our ThreePeaks groups, which generally have 8 students each, live at a base and learn the skills for wilderness camping. The students join an existing group that stays in yurts and has access to a shower and bath house. These groups will do day hikes and other activities as the students learn to acclimate to their new environment. The goal is for students to learn the skills necessary to transition to our RedCliff groups.

Our students struggle with a variety of mental, behavioral, and substance abuse disorders and may have failed to thrive in previous treatment settings. We are often the last hope to the families who turn to us to help their son or daughter. Working with families in crisis can be very difficult, but nothing is more rewarding than seeing pain and suffering slowly replaced by genuine change and healing through the shared experiences provided by wilderness.

Gain behavioral and mental health experience.
Help heal families and save lives while sharing your passion for the outdoors.
Become a part of the RedCliff and ThreePeak team.

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High School diploma or equivalent, college degree preferred
Must be 1st Aid & CPR certified within first month of employment, WFR (Wilderness First Responder) preferred
19+ years of age
Able to pass criminal investigation background check
Able to pass pre-employment health assessment
Eligible to work in the USA
Physical ability and stamina to work 8 day shifts in the back country and live primitively
Backpack daily over uneven terrain in all weather conditions

About RedCliff Ascent

We Believe It. We Live It. Inspiring Hope, Revealing Potential, and Healing Families for Over 20 Years. Be a Part of the Journey.

Application Instructions

To apply, go to: https://apply.workable.com/redcliffascent/