Join the Regeneration Field Institute as a Trip Leader to guide groups of international students in our 8 day immersive, hands-on learning courses covering topics of environmental sciences, bamboo design and construction, agroforestry and regenerative agriculture. Trip Leaders work with student teams on various projects related to soil erosion mitigation, reforestation, watershed management, and bamboo building.

Responsibilities of the Trip Leader:
● Assume responsibility for up to 30 students along with other staff to facilitate inspiring and exciting travel and educational experiences.
● Enforce RFI policies and ensure the highest level of health and safety for students at all times.
● Assist in procuring appropriate tools and materials from various community sites and prepping work sites before students’ arrivals, maintaining RFI tools, materials, and equipment.
● Translating on site and teaching in English/Spanish to U.S. students, local Ecuadorian students and community members.
● Assist in delivering critical thinking workshops and group activities designed and executed by RFI staff.

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● Bilingual English/Spanish, ability to translate conversations, workshops, classes & cultural exchanges.
● Bachelor's degree in related fields.
● Wilderness First Aid or greater medical certification.

Required Skills:

● Well organized and able to help coordinate a group of up to 30 students through Ecuador, a self-starter with an enduring work ethic and also cooperative team member.
● Able to do manual labor, work hard in the tropical heat.

Preferred Skills:

● Interested in topics such as regenerative technologies, green infrastructure, environmental design, climate resiliency, sustainability, ecology, community development
● Relevant leadership, cross cultural and service experiences. Capacity to identify teachable moments, and facilitation of student participation and active learning.

About Regeneration Field Institute

Regeneration Field Institute (RFI) ​is an environmental and social enterprise based in the province of Manabí, coastal Ecuador. We provide students with  hands-on, interdisciplinary courses exploring regenerative bamboo building, design, and agricultural practices. In Ecuador, our work focuses on bamboo construction and capacity building for regenerative farming and building techniques on our 70 acre organic agroecology farm, Los Arboleros.

Learn more at www.regenerationfieldinstitute.com & on Instagram @regenerationfieldinstitute

Application Instructions

Email CV and cover letter to Director, Lucas Oshun ([email protected]) and Program Manager, Beth Huggins ([email protected])