RMI Expeditions is hiring an Assistant Manager in our warehouse department! The RMI warehouse is responsible for all of the logistics and supplies needed to carry out our programs summiting not only Mt. Rainier but all the mountains we climb around the world (literally on every continent). This can range from food and equipment to maintaining our housing and vehicles. The ideal person for this role is a “jack of all trades” and enjoys a sense of independence to be able to adapt and problem solve to a variety of challenges. This role comes with a wide variety of jobs and someone that is not afraid to learn and tackle new things will excel here. The Warehouse Manager is responsible for leading & organizing a team of 3 in the Summer and 1 individual in the Winter. The Warehouse Manager is also responsible for communicating with gear companies to place orders, go into town to shop for programs, and communicate with other businesses to accomplish a variety of tasks.

Pay & Benefits:
This position is designed to be training for take over of full time management from our current warehouse manager who is moving to a new career. The position will begin at $20/hour, will move to $21/hour after showing proficiency in the initial role, and land at $22/hour after taking over full management. This is a full time, year round position that will come with dental and health care after meeting the minimum of 90 days employment. Since we are located in a small town outside of Mt. Rainier National Park with not many housing opportunities, housing will be provided for, at minimum, the climbing season months (April – Sep) at no cost. Our housing is group style and is primarily used by our mountain guides. In addition, annual raises for the proficient and eager employee are not uncommon.

RMI Expeditions is the premier mountain guiding service on Mt. Rainier and Denali. We also guide all of the seven summits as well as many other major and minor peaks around the world. Our busy season is April through September, but we don’t stop in the Winter when we prepare for Denali, conduct international climbs in the southern hemisphere, and get ready for our next Summer season. We employ over 60 mountain guides with about half of them enjoying year round work opportunities and provide Summer housing for nearly all of them. All employees of RMI Expeditions not only enjoy, but are encouraged to take part in a Mt. Rainier Mountaineering Day School and Summit Climb each season.

We are looking for someone that is eager and ready to start as soon as possible.

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We will train you!

Required Skills:

Ability to stand and work physically, proficiency in basic computer skills and programs (word, excel, etc), a clean driving record, a general knowledge of tools and working with your hands, & organizational skills.

Preferred Skills:

At minimum, a basic understanding and desire to learn about the sport of mountaineering.

About RMI Expeditions

RMI Expeditions is one of the oldest and largest guide services in the United States, operating within Mt. Rainier National Park, North Cascades National Park, Denali National Park and Preserve, and on all seven continents. RMI is extremely proud of the accomplishments of both our present and our past guides. Our guides have made significant impacts toward advancing the sport of mountaineering. Just a few of the names that have been a part of our guide staff are: Lou & Jim Whittaker, Dave Hahn, Peter Whittaker, Brent Okita, & Ed Viesturs. We are located in Ashford, Washington just a few miles outside of the entrance to Mt. Rainier National Park.

Application Instructions

To apply, please send your resume to [email protected]