Rebuild and repair homes for individuals and families affected by Hurricane Harvey!

SBP AmeriCorps members serve in communities to ensure that individuals impacted by natural disaster have a safe, stable place to call home. There are several ways that AmeriCorps members help our clients return home! These include rehabilitating damaged homes, coordinating the construction process, collecting and distributing rebuilding materials, coordinating volunteer teams, and assisting clients through the application and rebuilding process.

No construction experience required (though helpful). SBP will provide on the job training!

Apply TODAY to serve in one of the following roles with our SBP AmeriCorps team:

1. Project Lead: Lead the construction efforts on clients’ homes and supervise volunteers in completing basic construction tasks. Celebrate volunteer impact and teach volunteers to adhere to safety protocols and procedures at project sites.

2. Supply & Logistics Coordinator: Coordinate the operations of SBP’s warehouse and delivery system to ensure that project sites have the tools and materials needed to function in an optimal manner.

3. Construction Coordinator: Coordinate subcontractor schedules and monitor the progress of construction projects. Ensure that proper permits are secured for each project site.

4. Client Services Coordinator: Serve as the main point of contact and provide resources for the clients of SBP. Coordinate client cases, assess clients’ needs, and provide referrals to clients throughout the application and rebuilding processes.

5. Volunteer Coordinator: Recruit, orient, and fundraise. Foster relationships with donors and volunteer groups, create an optimal service experience for volunteers, and leverages volunteers’ talents and time to meet the community needs.

AmeriCorps members may serve in SBP’s Opportunity Housing Program in addition to working with home repair clients. The Opportunity Housing Program provides affordable, storm-resilient, energy-efficient homes for sale and rent to lower-income residents, to help them build resilience before disaster strikes. With this work, SBP seeks to prevent future suffering for the most vulnerable by increasing the supply of storm-resilient, affordable homes. Building new homes in addition to repairing existing ones, SBP also helps communities achieve long-term recovery by building back neighborhoods destroyed by a disaster.

Monthly Living stipend of $1,427 (pre-tax)
An additional $150 monthly housing stipend for individuals who have previously served in AmeriCorps, NCCC, or VISTA
An education award of $6,195 upon successful completion of each 10 month term
Eligibility to postpone repayment of federally-guarantee student loans during their service term. (The National Service Trust will also pay all or a portion of the interest that accrued during the service period.)
Free limited benefits health coverage
Child care assistance

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Must be at least 17 years of age or older;
Must have a high school diploma or its equivalent;
Must be a citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident alien of the United States.

About SBP

SBP is a national nonprofit dedicated to shrinking the time between disaster and recovery. Since 2006, we have rebuilt over 2000 homes and developed affordable housing for people impacted by natural disasters. With the dedication and passion of our staff, AmeriCorps members, and volunteers, we help community members return home to safe, sanitary and secure conditions.

Application Instructions

Apply online at https://sbpusa.org/get-involved/americorps