As a Summer Camp Coordinator, you’ll be spending your time:

-Managing staff in delivering day camp programs to small groups of children or teens in games, hikes, skill-based activities, river and creek explorations, and more;
-Ensuring consistent program quality and extraordinary customer service;
-Safeguarding the physical and emotional safety of participants;
-Establishing trusted lines of communication with participants, their families, other Schoolhouse staff, and our park partners;
-Keeping the logistics of camp running smoothly with staff schedules, camp supplies, activity schedules, and maintaining program areas;
-Partnering with the Program Directors to support, train and mentor camp staff;

Camp Coordinators are expected to:

-Create and deliver activities. Partner with your staff to create and run high-quality, exciting, nature-based activities and camp schedules.
-Prepare for programs. Create activity and staff schedules, order supplies, set up and break down program areas, and clean and maintain program spaces.
-Manage staff through trainings, mentorship, giving and receiving feedback, modeling behavior, and creating a culture of growth.
-Set an excellent example in teaching and behavior management methods, work ethic, and attitude.
-Safeguard the physical, emotional, and intellectual safety of participants. Model Schoolhouse values like kindness, curiosity, and empathy. Patiently process conflict and disagreements.
-Provide exemplary adherence to Schoolhouse’s values, policies, and procedures, including creating a safe environment by following our COVID procedures.
-Communicate with participants, their families, other Schoolhouse staff, and park partners. Create established lines of communication built on trust and empathy.
-Participate in all aspects of programs using Schoolhouse methodologies. Actively engage participants and deliver consistent and exceptional supervision. Be a good example and role model at all times. Play the games, sing the songs, wade in the river, hide in the leaves, build forts, and enthusiastically join in on all aspects of our programs.
-Be a leader. Support staff to run the games, tell the stories, and manage their groups. Use and model behavior management techniques. Stay on schedule and manage your time. Create a culture of physical and emotional safety.

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Required Skills:

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Preferred Skills:

English/Spanish bilingual fluency

About Schoolhouse of Wonder

Founded in 1989, Schoolhouse of Wonder’s mission is to create kind, curious, and confident kids through nature-based outdoor adventures. We seek to achieve this mission through year-round, outdoor day camps, curriculum-aligned field trips, and leadership training for teenagers.

These core values guide our behavior and help us make decisions.

* We model and teach self-awareness and empathy
* We celebrate individuality; Different is just different
* Everyone deserves to be witnessed, heard and respected
* In nature, we’re all students
* Life should be filled with adventures and a sense of wonder
* We send every kid home dirty, tired and happy

Application Instructions

1. Fill out applicant info form on our website 2. Submit resume and cover letter (preferably as one document) to [email protected]