Do you love backpacking? Are you flexible, patient and have a desire to help others?
As one of the industry’s most sophisticated wilderness therapy programs, Second Nature provides insight, direction, and hope to troubled teens and their families. With the aid of the wilderness, licensed therapists, and experienced staff, adolescents from the ages of 13-17 embark on a journey to make healthy choices and rewarding relationships. 

Second Nature Field Instructors will develop clinical qualities unrivaled in therapeutic wilderness care. Shelter building, backpacking, simple daily chores, teamwork, relationship skills, problem-solving and life-changing lesson are taught in the moment. Creativity, an affinity for outdoor living, sensitivity, compassion, flexibility, and patience along with the desire to help young people lead healthy and productive lives are all prerequisites for the Field Instructor position.

You will work eight days on, six days off; the eight-day shift is spent in the Uinta Mountains and high desert of Utah, hiking and camping with students and helping to keep them physically and emotionally safe.

Pay starts at $127/day and can reach up to $249/day, with benefits that include full health and dental insurance, bonuses, participation in a 401k plan, and a variety of professional gear deals.

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Applicants must be at least 21 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent, current CPR and first aid certification, and make a minimum commitment of one year. Prospective applicants must attend a week long training orientation in the field. Upcoming field interviews are scheduled throughout the year and are posted at Second-Nature.com.

Required Skills:

Compassion, patience, passion for the wilderness.

Preferred Skills:

first aid or wfr, some teaching

About Second Nature Wilderness Family Therapy

Hone your skills living in the wilderness working one week on and having one week off. Learn to make friction fires, navigate give feedback and lead a space of mindfulness. Improve teamwork, interpersonal skills, and problem solving working with adolescent students. Second Nature field staff work with a licensed therapist teaching healthy emotional and behavioral habits to students during a nomadic, therapeutic journey in the wilderness.

Located in Northeastern Utah, approximately two hours from Salt Lake City in the rugged high desert terrain of the Uinta basin and the alpine forests of the remote Uinta Mountain range, home to Utah's highest peaks.

Application Instructions

Field interviews and applications can be found at https://www.second-nature.com/about/careers