As one of the industry’s most sophisticated wilderness therapy programs, Second Nature provides insight, direction and hope to teens and their families. Blending the healing power of nature, mindfulness, nutrition and wellness with licensed therapists and experienced staff, adolescents from the ages of 13-17 embark on a journey of health, choice and secure relationships.

Working with a licensed therapist, Field Instructors teach healthy emotional and behavioral habits to students through an itinerate, therapeutic journey in the backcountry of northeastern Utah. The wilderness provides immediate natural learning opportunities for the students’ choices. It also provides the ideal backdrop for Field Instructors to teach craft and survival skills, backpacking techniques and low impact camping principles.

Field Instructors develop clinical qualities unrivaled in therapeutic wilderness care. Shelter building, friction fires, backpacking, mindfulness, simple daily chores, teamwork, relationship skills, problem-solving and life-changing lessons are all taught in the moment.

Field Instructors make an initial commitment, through seasonal contracts (minimum 3 months) and/or year-round contracts. The workweek runs from Tuesday to Tuesday, with an eight-day on, six-day off schedule.

The Second Nature main office is based in the city of Duchesne, approximately 80 miles southeast of Park City and two hours east of Salt Lake City. As the seasons and weather change, students and staff migrate between the lodgepole pine and quaking aspens of the High Uintas (elevation of 8,000 to 10,250 feet) during the summer months and the Juniper trees and ancient cliff art in the rugged high desert terrain of the Uinta basin (elevation of 5,000 to 7,000 feet) near Nine Mile Canyon in the winter months.

At Second Nature we believe in supporting our staff in their professional development as well as the transition to the company and the world of wilderness therapy. There is a total of $4,000 bonuses within the first 12 months. We offer a Travel and Time bonus of $1100 in addition to your first paycheck. As well as $2,900 in contract/commitment bonuses in the first 12 months. In addition we offer limited housing for new staff and access to therapy at no cost to employees.

As in investment in our future staff we provide and pay for all required certifications. Starting with providing first aid and cpr during the field interview and later invested staff’s wilderness first responder and recertification.

Field Instructors begin earning $170-$185 per day (depending on previous experience working with adolescents) for their first three shifts. Instructors continue to work on personal and professional development working through a self-propelled level system earning up to $265 a day. All levels have access to benefits that include full health and dental insurance (after 90 days), performance bonuses, participation in a 401k plan (after 12 months).

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Creativity, an affinity for outdoor living, sensitivity, compassion, flexibility and patience along with the desire to help young people lead healthy and productive lives and participating in a community of growth are all prerequisites for the Field Instructor position.

Preferred Skills:

First aid, cpr. WFR.

About Second Nature Wilderness Family Therapy

Hone your skills living in the wilderness working one week on and having one week off. Learn to make friction fires, navigate give feedback and lead a space of mindfulness. Improve teamwork, interpersonal skills, and problem solving working with adolescent students. Second Nature field staff work with a licensed therapist teaching healthy emotional and behavioral habits to students during a nomadic, therapeutic journey in the wilderness.

Located in Northeastern Utah, approximately two hours from Salt Lake City in the rugged high desert terrain of the Uinta basin and the alpine forests of the remote Uinta Mountain range, home to Utah's highest peaks.

Application Instructions

Fill out application at https://www.second-nature.com/about/careers or send email to recruiter at [email protected]