Commercial Fishing Crew at a Remote Salmon Gillnet site

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Ideally some experience camping or living remote, as there are no roads, powerlines or cell service in Uganik Bay of the Shelikof straight side of Kodiak Island. Having an athletic/sports background also helps to be successful as you will be using your body all day everyday from June 5th to mid September. Any experience working with your hands in manual labor is great as you'll be grabbing tight lines in the swell and picking fishing on a rolling pitching deck at times.

Required Skills:

No experience necessary, it is helpful to know if you get sea sick as we work on the ocean from early morning to late at night when the salmon are running. This is an amazing opportunity to see the real deal wild Alaska. Skills taught are, how to pick fish from a gillnet, nautical working knots, delivering fish to the tender, etc. Ability to lift 75# to waist height as our anchors weigh 150# and it takes two of us to carry them down the beach to the skiff.

Preferred Skills:

Outdoorsy, carpentry, mechanic, hunting/fishing, gardening to raise our greens for the kitchen, high level of fitness and high level of energy. Being cold/wet/tired/hungry can be enjoyable to the right person, this is a gritty job at times.

About Soul Mate Salmon/Broken Point

A small commercial fishing operation with side benefits of seeing a wide array of marine mammals daily while living in cabins on shore we venture out every two hrs to pick wild caught salmon from the gill net for the cannery to pick up and process in town. Remote means we are 6 hrs by boat from the closest roads and a 1/2 float plane ride from town and have to be self reliant. Brown bears live around us but are quite shy and never a problem in camp. The downside is variable pay based on how much salmon we catch in a summer, you won't be rich by the end of the summer but the experiences and connection to unfiltered nature are life changing. we have an amazing and robust community of 20 setnet sites in our bay with people from all walks of life that you will meet. Food is a mix of fish from the sea, groceries from town, greens from the garden and venison from the hunting season, we eat well family style and as much as you want.

Application Instructions

Please mail me at [email protected] or off of our website. My cell is 907-942-1917 but Starlink sometimes loses texts or calls. A basic resume of education and work experience with references to show your motivated levels and accomplishments. I am 44 years old and have been the owner/operator of Broken Point since 2007 and crewed 6 years prior to that, safety is paramount while we work hard, live together and enjoy the amazing views of mountains and ocean.