SECC, Trails Forever, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are teaming up to complete a full-scale rehabilitation of Ramsey Cascades Trail. This trail is one of the most popular trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and has long been suffering from severe erosion problems which has led to environmental safety hazards.

SECC’s Great Smoky Mountains Trail crew will work alongside the Trails Forever crew to perform heavy manual labor projects related to trail construction and trail maintenance. Project work may include but is not limited to:

Technical rock work
Grip hoist/rigging
Timber work
Bridge construction/maintenance
Tread work/erosion control

“Hitch” schedules may vary, but generally 5 days in the field followed by 2 days off, OR 9 days on followed by 5 days off. Members will be expected to report to the SECC office in Chattanooga on the first day. Transportation from the office to Great Smoky Mountains National Park will be provided. Driving of personal vehicles into the field is not permitted.

The crew will tent camp at a designated campsite while in the field. Workdays are typically 8-10 hours with scheduled breaks throughout the day. Depending on project work and location, other schedule variations may be implemented. While the staff at SECC and partners work to provide consistency throughout the season, personal flexibility is expected and should be prepared for when entering the term as schedules, times, and work locations are subject to change per project needs.  

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Must be between ages 18 and 30
Must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident and provide primary documentation to support this
Must be cleared through an acceptable check of the National Sex Offender Public Registry, as well as state and federal Criminal History Checks
Must have a high school diploma, GED, or agree to work toward attaining either during term of service (this is essential to obtaining and using the AmeriCorps Education Award)
Must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19

About Southeast Conservation Corps (SECC)

Empowering young adults to cultivate compassion, responsibility, and grit through community service, hard work, and environmental stewardship.

Southeast Conservation Corps (SECC), a program of Conservation Legacy, is a non-profit, AmeriCorps-affiliated organization. SECC selects young adults, ages 18-30, to complete conservation work projects on public lands throughout the Southeast. SECC programs encourage environmental stewardship, foster community partnerships, & emphasize experiential learning. SECC serves a diverse population that is representative of the Southeast, including youth, graduates, veterans, and a cross-section of ethnicities and income levels. SECC is an active member of the AmeriCorps Disaster Response Team & as such, selected crews may be deployed on Disaster response projects for up to 30 days.

Application Instructions

For full position description and to apply, please visit southeastconservationcorps.org/open-positions