The SMS Teaching Residency is an experiential program meant for college graduates who are interested
in working at independent high schools. Residents both learn and teach in our academic, outdoor, and
boarding programs. Each Resident is paired with an expert mentor teacher, leads our outdoor
programming, and regularly works with the boarding students on campus. The SMS Teaching Residency
lasts for 10 months, and residents are provided with room and board.

The primary purpose of the Residency Program is to facilitate an immersive learning experience that
prepares residents for jobs in teaching fields. In order to prepare residents for their own classroom, they
– work alongside an expert teacher mentor.
– take a weekly class that focuses on curriculum development, assessment development, classroom
management, effective teaching strategies, and the creation of their own “Why I Teach”
philosophical statement.
– observe their mentor teacher and other teachers of their choice.
– gradually develop lesson plans of increased lengths for sections of their mentor teacher’s class.
– culminate their teaching experience, hone in on their educational philosophy, and solidify their
teaching methods by fully taking over a month-long block period class in the month of April.
– provide support in the learning center.
– substitute for teachers when necessary.
– receive counsel on career planning.
– assist in the staffing of the school front office, answering phones, assisting students and
coordinating appointments.

Residents will lead alongside faculty in our outdoor programming that occurs throughout the year. In
August, they will participate in our three day Orientation Backpacking Trip with a small group of students,
teaching hard and soft skills in the backcountry surrounding Steamboat. In October, they will help guide
one of the Desert Week trips (canoeing, climbing, mountain biking, or canyoneering) and prepare the
students for their upcoming adventures through weekly afternoon outings. In the winter, if residents have
a ski pass on the mountain or have a backcountry ski setup, then they will also be included in our winter
programming and ski with students at least once a week. Throughout our outdoor programming,
residents will be expected to create community, model and teach expedition behavior, work as a team
with their co-leaders, and ultimately push our students to develop resilience, confidence, independence,
relationships, and a sense of adventure.

As members of the school’s community, residents will live and work alongside the boarding students of
Steamboat Mountain School. They will be provided with a communal living space, which contains
individual rooms and a kitchen with a stove and refrigerator. Each week, residents will work in the
evenings to support our boarding program. This could include taking attendance at dinner, driving
students to appointments or practice, facilitating study hall, or running a dorm meeting.

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The Residency Program is meant for college graduates who are interested in teaching, curious about
independent schools, and passionate about the outdoors and communal living. We are currently seeking
residents for the following positions:
● English Literature
● US and World History
● The Sciences
● Spanish
● Mathematics
● Experiential Education
● Studio Art

Required Skills:

General school and office working conditions including sitting for extended periods and occasional lifting
and carrying of objects weighing up to 50lbs. This position requires participation in the school’s outdoor
education program including, travel, hiking, camping, skiing and other outdoor activities including
overnight camping and student supervision.

About Steamboat Mountain School

Steamboat Mountain School is a boarding and day K-12 school located in Colorado. SMS cultivates the intellect and imagination of young minds, so that students grow their curiosity, discover their potential, contribute meaningfully to their community, and engage in a dynamic, global society .

Application Instructions

A candidate for the SMS Teaching Residency Program must send the following requirements to Kaiti Kinshella at [email protected]: 1. A cover letter. 2. An updated, one page resume. 3. Two letters of recommendation, ideally one from an employer and one from a professor. 4. Your college transcript.