2022 Winter/Spring Alumni Team Opportunities
The Student Conservation Association (SCA), America’s #1 conservation service organization seeks qualified applicants to lead and serve on 2022 Alumni Teams.

Alumni Teams (previously called “Leader Teams”) provide professional development opportunities to SCA leaders and qualified members through the completion of high-priority or technical work for partners. Alumni Teams consist of members and leaders who have previously served on an SCA team. These four- to six-person crews typically serve for two to ten weeks on public lands across the country.

Crews may have housing or may camp for the duration of the season in front or backcountry sites. Crews work to complete projects such as trail building and maintenance, removing invasive species, installing signs and fencing, and other conservation projects in the field.

Program Dates: Program dates vary. Programs take place March – June.

Locations, dates, and projects (note: dates subject to change):

Allegheny National Forest, PA (member dates: 3/14/22 – 5/8/22). The team will camp at front country, developed sites. Projects include installing paver blocks along ATV trails where erosion is prevalent.
Abraham Lincoln Birthplace, KY (member dates: 3/21/22 – 6/3/22). The team will be staying at site housing. Projects include repairing culvers, redefining trails, and repairing trail surfaces.
Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site, PA (member dates: 4/4/22 – 4/30/22). The team will camp at front country, developed sites. Projects include replacing deteriorating split rail fencing.
Voyageurs National Park, MN (member dates: 5/1/22 – 6/11/22). The team will camp at front and backcountry sites. Projects include rehabilitating trails, removing blown down, installing boardwalks and signs, and reopening trail corridors.
Pacific Crest Trail (Track 1 Crews: 3/6/22 to 4/16/22, Track 2 Crews: 3/20/22 to 4/30/22). The team will work with the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA) on trail projects that address a backlog of maintenance issues. These backcountry crews will live and work in remote sections of the trail. Projects may include clearing downed logs, tread and drainage work, rock work, and clearing debris off the trail. Crews should expect to be camping in the front country and backcountry sites. Members should plan to be mobile and expect to travel long distances in remote locations to get to their project sites. Personal vehicles are not recommended for this project.

Leader Position Compensation and Benefits: 

$600 – $700 per week (dependent on experience, paid bi-weekly);
$200 uniform stipend; field-based meals;
$650 roundtrip travel stipend.

Member Position Compensation and Benefits: $280 per week (paid bi-weekly); $200 uniform stipend; field-based meals; $650 roundtrip travel stipend.

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Leader Position Qualifications: Must have previously led an SCA crew

Must be a minimum of 21 years of age
Must be authorized to work in the US
Must possess current Wilderness First Aid certification (WFR preferred) and CPR by start date.
Experience working with youth or young adults Experience as a teacher or leader in an informal or formal educational environment
Experience with outdoor living skills. Can include: camping (two weeks or more), hiking, safety awareness, leave no trace, camp

About Student Conservation Association

The Student Conservation Association (SCA) is America’s conservation corps. Our members protect and restore national parks, marine sanctuaries, cultural landmarks and community green spaces in all 50 states

Application Instructions

To apply for leader or member positions, contact [email protected] Please ensure that your SCA application is up-to-date before reaching out.