This hire can work out of any of the following states: California, Washington, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, North Carolina, or Colorado

Term: June-August, Paid Trainings end of May
Hourly Rate: $25/hour
Schedule: Combination of shifts covering:
Monday-Friday: 5am-10am ET & PT
Saturday and Sunday: 6am-2pm and 2pm-10pm ET & PT

While our youth (high school participants) are traveling throughout the summertime, Summer Search manages an On-Call system to respond to any physical or emotional safety, medical, or logistical situations that may occur. During business hours (10am-6pm ET & PT), Summer Search program staff will manage the phones and on-call duties in addition to their other job duties. During non-business hours (shifts covering some portion of 5:00-10:00 am ET & PT and 6am-10pm ET & PT on weekends and holidays), Summer On-Call Specialists will respond to calls that come in. Based on the nature of the call, Specialists may relay information back directly to Summer Search program staff, record incident notes in our tracking documents, and/or respond and problem solve in the moment as needed.

Essential Duties:
Participate in Summer Search’s On-Call Training sessions (technical, case studies, practice)
Field incoming calls from youth, families, or summer programs and respond and take action as needed. (Possible areas of support include booking last minute travel adjustments, connecting youth with programs, linking youth with medical assistance locations and insurance coverage information, addressing logistical issues such as meetup times and location coordination, supporting parents/guardians as they inquire about the well-being of their young person etc.)
Connect with Summer Search program staff as needed for more complex incidents
Log call notes for all incoming calls and bridge communications to Summer Search staff
Enter data in Salesforce to track incidents

Activate on-call cell phone and laptop to be ready for the first youth departures in June through the end of August (during your designated shifts)
Using a laptop, access resource documents and Salesforce program database.
Ensure access to internet and strong cell phone service at all times during shift

Recording Call Notes and Data into tracking documents:
For all incoming calls, fill out a call log/incident report and record notes in program database

Relaying information to Summer Search Program Staff:
Following protocol, relay information to National and/or Program Site Leadership and request follow up by Summer Search Program Staff

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About Summer Search

While young people from low-income communities – who are disproportionately young people of color – face systemic inequities in school, in the workforce, and in life, they possess unique strengths, resilience and tremendous potential. When provided with support and resources, these young people fulfill their potential and achieve success in school, work and life.

Through a combination of mentoring and transformative experiences, Summer Search supports young people to successfully transition from adolescence into adulthood. We aim to unleash the potential of our young people while also building a toolkit for navigating and challenging systemic barriers to higher education and career opportunities.

Application Instructions

Submit a resume and cover letter. Please address cover letter to Ashley Hill (she/her), Project Manager, Summer On-Call. SUMMER SEARCH IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER.