During the “Off-season” (June to October) you’ll:

●  Periodically attend parent information sessions (virtual or in-person) to attract future students/families

During the “In-Season” (October 15 to November 19… on site in Nosara, Costa Rica) you’ll:

●  Be responsible for the daily physical well-being of Surf Term participants

●  Attend weekly meetings/reports with Surf Term Founders (virtual and in-person)

●  Work alongside a staff of 6, on-site at Nosara Beach Hostel, to
implement the Surf Term experience for 16 teenagers

●  Rotate with 2-3 other counselors in assisting ST Education Guides in delivering ST academic programs, helping the chef prepare meals, as well as assisting the kids as needed in their dorms

●  Help implement the culture as defined by all stakeholders

● Surf with the ST students and staff 6-7 sessions per week, and free surf 6-7 sessions per week

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-  Free Room and Board at Nosara Beach Hostel (3-minute walk through the jungle to Playa Guiones) from October 15th, 2022 to November 19th, 2022
-  Free access to a wide selection of surfboards at Safari Surf School (across the street from Nosara Beach Hostel) if not bringing your own boards
- Round trip flight and airport shuttle to/from Liberia, CR
- International Surfing Association Life Saving Certification Course
-  $2000 salary
- Surf until your arms fall off!

Required Skills:

-  Must love working with kids ages 11-14

-  Experience coaching, teaching and/or mentoring teenagers and kids

-  Evidence of creative problem solving experience

-  The ability to sit in ambiguity, be patient, ask questions, and then take action

Preferred Skills:

ISA Surf Instructor Level 1 certification and/or Strong Surfing Background
-  Embody an active, healthy and curious spirit and lifestyle

-  Competitive swimming and/or lifeguard experience

About Surf Term (www.surfterm.com)

About Surf Term: Surf Term is a 35-day adventure for 6th to 9th graders that’s physically, academically, and emotionally rigorous and fun. At Surf Term teens can escape the strains, pains, and distractions of everyday life and take part in an electronic-free alternative education program designed around accelerated learning, developing mastery in the surf, building self-awareness, confidence, leadership skills, and forming personal relationships that will last a lifetime.
We offer teenagers a space to breathe, where unnecessary distractions (cell phones, video games, junk food, tv/computer, internet, social media, lectures) are cut from the environment and replaced with: 60-70 surf sessions, 5 weeks of experiential education and field trips, and 1 leadership and mastery course... and life-long friends.

Application Instructions

Please contact Jamie Matthews at [email protected] (512-422-2274) and attach a resume and personal statement indicating why this job might be a good fit for your skill sets and experience.