The Director is a year-round position based out of Lander, Wyoming. The Director’s chief responsibilities are to advance the Diamond 4’s mission and maximize the business’ financial performance. He or she will oversee many aspects of the business including administrative work, the hiring and managing of staff, marketing, and ensuring a quality guest experience during the booking process as well as during their stay at the ranch.

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- Extensive experience in dude ranching, horse packing, and/or outdoor education.
- Significant organizational leadership or high-level management experience.
- Strong financial management skills, including preparing and analyzing budgets and profit/loss statements, and making important financial decisions.
- Experience creating and executing long-term business plans.

Required Skills:

Candidates should:
- Exemplify a leadership style that values collaboration, humility, selflessness in pursuing team goals, empowering subordinates, and building trust and community with teammates.
- Be creative in building new programs and systems that support our business and its goals.
- Be a team player with a commitment to a culture that prioritizes inclusion, compassion, and open-mindedness.
- Possess strong communication skills.
- Have history with, or interest in, wellness and mindfulness.

About The Diamond 4 Ranch

The Diamond 4 Ranch is located at 9,200 feet in Shoshone National Forest in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming. Our mission is to help our guests unplug from the stress of the modern lifestyle, and reconnect with the natural world, their loved ones, and their true self through horseback riding, hiking, fishing, hunting, and yoga.

Given our elevation, the ranch only hosts guests in the summer and fall seasons. We operate in a remote area and are mostly off-grid. We offer guests from around the country (and the world) several different types of trips. During the summer, guests can choose cabin-based vacations, drop camp services, guided pack trips, and our Specialty Trips that focus on wellness. In the fall, we offer elk, pronghorn, deer, and moose hunts. Our summertime staff consists of about 12 wranglers, 1 cook and 1 cabin staff position.

Application Instructions

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