The Field Semester (TFS) fundamentally believes in interdependence and collaboration—the more diverse perspectives that can be incorporated into addressing challenges and opportunities, the more insightful and sustainable the solution can be. This core ethic should be reflected in TFS’ leadership structure so that it may permeate all layers of the organization.

Together, the two Co-Directors are responsible for the successful leadership, management, and growth of The Field Semester. Particularly, as TFS is a nascent organization, it is important that the Co-Directors have both a clear vision of how to lead an operating organization, as well as the generative skills needed to nurture those systems into place.

The Co-Directors will work collaboratively to fulfill their responsibilities; while one co-director may take more of a leading role with regards to certain tasks and responsibilities, both should be involved in all areas of the organization’s administration. Each will give direction and leadership toward the achievement of the organization’s philosophy, mission, strategy, and its annual goals and objectives. As the organization continues to grow, more and more of the duties and responsibilities listed below will be relevant.

Starting a school is very difficult! You must have a particularly high level of commitment as well as strong capacity in organizational leadership to succeed in this role.

Primary Medium-Term Operational Objectives:

-Transition TFS from start-up phase to operational phase
-Secure start-up and construction funding
-Build the campus
-Hire staff and ready the program for opening day
-Enroll the first cohort of students

Key Duties and Responsibilities Shared by Co-Directors:

From now until early opening, spearhead efforts with the Board and consultants to develop a vision and strategic plan to guide the organization.
Design and lead the school according to its mission and values
Identify, assess, and inform the Board of Directors of internal and external issues that affect the organization.
In addition to the Chair of the Board, act as spokespeople for the organization.

Operational planning and management
Oversee the development of the campus.
Develop the organizational policies, systems and structure that will help the school community operate smoothly and cohesively
Build and support the inaugural team and future leadership roles
Oversee development and implementation of communication strategy.

Oversee and manage curriculum development for innovative approaches to cooperative learning
Oversee and manage professional learning plan for teachers and leaders
Define goals & strategy for enrollment management.

Financial planning and management
Refine and translate TFS’ vision into a reliable and implementable business plan

Work with the Fund Development consultant to launch TFS’ start-up capital campaign

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About The Field Semester

The Field Semester’s mission is to provide a transformative, place-based learning community for young people from varied backgrounds and lived experiences where they will gain the inspiration, sensibilities, and skill-sets to help build a world in which society and ecology thrive, equitably and sustainably.

We seek to build a professional community whose lived experiences are proximate to those of the diverse students who will attend TFS. All members of TFS are expected to be curious about, understand, and embrace people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. All adults will participate in on-going professional development on the topics of experiential learning, cultural competency, and environmental stewardship in order to best support all of our students, staff, and families.

Application Instructions

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